Kim and I fly out to lead worship from time to time and I find it tough to figure out what to take equipment wise. I take my Martian on the plane and in my luggage I take extra strings and some chord charts. I try to get someone at a conference to bring a good back-up guitar in case I break a string. What about you. On top of all this you need to make sure they have your songs in the media they use. I find leading worship is a timely profession when you have to travel.
What do you do to prepare any insights would be great.

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Hey Garry, I haven't done much of that, but I would think one idea is to e-mail your song slides ahead of time (in powerpoint and in the order you want them) so that they can have them copied over to their own system when you come. I think most programs can import powerpoint slides, although don't quote me on that.

I played for Promise Keepers one year, and the guy they flew in to lead everything had sent us the songs ahead of time.
I'll bet it sounds 'out of this world'. : )
Thanks for the insights guys. I have my stuff on both Media-shout and Easyworship. As for guitar horror stories I know a well known worship leader tell me as he was traveling to Germany with his Olson guitar just Google and you will see where these start at. He saw from his little window on the plane as the luggage guy through it up in the air and lad on the conveyor belt. Sure enough when he arrived the neck was snapped right off. Good thought Mike it’s always good to have some extra charts for the team. We also try to send our CDs in the mail ahead of time to have one less thing to carry.
Thanks for your help.
We have some opportunity this year to lead in England as well as Germany its those trips I'm wondering about transporting stuff. :)
Long ago, I read an interview with Jerry Donahue (a country guitarist) where he said that one of the reasons that he played a telecaster was because he could capo at the first fret, loosen the strings considerably, remove the neck from the guitar, and pack it in his suitcase padded on all sides by his clothes. Then he would just rent an amp when he arrived, but his guitar stayed with him in a carry-on the whole time.

The last time I flew before being part of leading worship was when I tripped and fell off the platform. : )
Wow what a great idea with the telecaster I have a strat :( I hope you recovered from the trip. sorry for the pun.
That was pre-9/11, so who knows if you could get a guitar through on a carry-on nowadays... : )


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