How do you train and help your worship team members to grow spiritually?

thanks daniel for making it clear,,, our team,we are given the same Bible passages to meditate on in a week,,,when Saturday comes we meet for the Team's Bible study as well as sharing from our meditation and practice...many times some of my mates didn't do meditation(one reason is they felt lazy to do so,another one is they don't understand)...,I believe that one will not grow spiritually and even in his/her attitude if there is lack of meditating the word of a member of the worship team, i feel that it isn't enough leading the congregation without hearing God's message....

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Are speaking musically of spiritually?

If you're part of a healthy church, it's not just up to you to grow them spiritually. I encourage my team to be active in the other church ministries (small groups, service, etc.).

Musically is much "easier" (Much like Calculus is "easier" than Quantum Physics).

The to get folks to grow you have to make them uncomfortable. By that I mean you should always be pushing them to do different things. We're creatures of habit (especially nuns) so we will continue to do what we're content doing until it doesn't work. Pick a song for each of your members that might be slightly out of their skill range. Give it to them a month or so ahead of time and be specific with your expectations. Say to them, "I really want to do this song, but it's important that we have this part a certain way." I've trained several different teams this way and it works.

The important part of this is positive reinforcement. Let them know you appreciate the extra effort and no matter how bad it sounds at first, be positive ("You're almost there! That sounded great!", etc.). Don't rush them (i.e. be prepared to push the song off for another couple of weeks), but keep pushing them to practice and nail the part.

Drummers and bass players are especially bad at getting complacent. If they've settled in a particular style for a while, it might be hard for you to change them. Don't give up and don't become negative.

When it finally works, the results are noticeable to everyone, including the congregation. Then it's time to get another set of songs to take them to the next level.

Good luck and have fun!
Staying positive! I like this!

This is something I have been thinking about lately - in a small church with an even smaller Praise team, and wondering how to get more people involved in worship. Perhaps we have become too cliquish; our Praise rehearsals are on nights with no other activities, and we practice Sundays 90 minutes before service starts, ending long before anybody else arrives. So we find ourselves in the break room, sipping coffee, instead of interacting with others....
Growing yourself is also a good way to motivate others to grow. (Most musicians can't stand it when another player is getting better than them) If your team sees YOU learning, growing, trying new things, they will be more apt to try too. Especially when you keep telling them how fun it is!

Its really simple.
I ask them what they need, and then I give them what they ask for. Doing this stretches me as a leader, and teaches them to ask for the right help. In case you haven't caught on yet, the help your team asks for, is not always the help they need.

Your right it is not enough to just sing without hearing God's word it is more powerful.....His word is like a sword that can smoothen the heart of every one ...........worship team must know what are there rule in the church, its not just sing but bring the people in church to the highest court of the lord...........


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