How has worshipping God helped you make it through the dry seasons of your life?

I ask this question because right now in my life it's a very different time. I can honestly say that I am not sure that I have been here before. I know that God is in control and leading me in the path of fulfilling purpose but I feel like a blind man walking.  One thing I find during this time is worshiping whether through a song, prayer, giving or in silence refreshes my soul and reminds me of the call that's on my life. Just a thought...

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Well im 15 but, when ever i go away from God he always welcoms me back
I just realized that you must be Bruce's daughter that he occasionally brags about. Welcome to Worship the Rock.
yes i am bruces duaghter and thank you:)
Wow, your question reminds me of a very powerful passage in Beth Moore’s Introduction to the book "Surprised by Worship" by Travis Cottrell. She summarizes the account in Acts when Paul and Silas were beaten and then thrown into prison for talking about Jesus. Late at night, they began praying and singing hymns when suddenly an earthquake shook the ground, breaking open the jail cells and loosing all the prisoners’ chains:

She writes - “I would suggest to you that Paul and Silas did not really feel much like worshiping that night. They did it by conscious choice, and in that moment they overcame every power of darkness . . . . Sometimes you praise first and you feel it later. Yes, you read that right. You just praise God even when you don’t feel like it, and then you almost always find that the feeling will come. I’m not saying that the earth will always shake, but I think it will always at least quiver a little. I am convinced that if you lay self aside and focus on God, you will experience a blessing.”
I can't even reply right now, reading this post - along with the replies - is just so powerful, all I feel led to do is just soak this up and rest in the overcoming power of our testimony (Rev. 12:11)!!! Let us always encourage each other in the Lord, for earlier on in that same book (Rev. 2), we are reminded of our Father's guarantee that when we overcome (if we faint not ... and loveth not our lives unto death), we shall certainly receive ... and that includes everything that is marked for us! Amen.

Worship for me is like the ultimate 'medicine' When I have been in the valley of the shadow of death

worshipping God has lifted my spirit again, giving me a sense of hope and renew strength to cling on.

It's difficult to start when in that situation but once started  it feels like

a weight have been lifted off my shoulders.

I can hardly imagine living without stopping to acknowledge God, to think about His love, to sing to or about the Lord.  We've got these feral cats at our house.  We feed them, and they have kittens right now and they play and have fun and get rid of mice, but they don't let me touch them.  There's no real relationship.  I'd much rather have the heaviness of being a person in relationship with God, for indeed, He refreshes my soul.
When I first became a Christian there was a series of songs called "Scripture In Song"  and boy, even now those songs really minister to me - they were scripture verses with melodies.  Yes, worship does minister to me in low times.


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