I personally find it very important to worship God in the morning and to spent time in His word. A promise in God's word states that if we wait upon the the Lord He will renew our strenght. I find it necesarry to renew my strenght daily. Some people say they don't make a quite time with the Lord and feel they can talk to Him anywhere. I also believe you can speak to God anywhere at anytime, but I believe one has to seperate oneself and get away from all the business.

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The older I get, the more I see this to be true. I used to feel that I didn't need to be disciplined in my devotional time because I would rather be free, spontaneous, etc in my time with God. But the reality is my lack of discipline led to a lack of relationship and a pretty dry, barren walk. I'm still working on consistency but I'm so thankful that it's starting to develop in my life!
I do it early too. Start a pot of coffee, build a fire. Sometimes I grab my guitar, sometimes my bible. I journal too, and that helps to keep it consistent. How important is it? It's vital.

Yes, it's true you can talk to the Lord anywhere, but O, to have quaility time alone with Him! In my own circumstances this is so difficult - work, family, busy home etc., but it is so worth making the effort. For me, there is nothing more important than giving the Lord your undivided attention, when you can come before Him just as you are, and not only speak from the depths of you heart, but be still to allow Him to speak to you. Wow! Don't you just love Him!
I've been all over the board on this one in my 25 years of following. So much depended on the season of life I was in at the time. Let's face it, alone time with God can't be beat. It's like one on one time with a husband, wife, or any other loved one. That kind of connection equips us for staying close when life is in autopilot mode. But you know what? My experience is I have grown as a christian no matter what my level of quiet time with God was. Looking back over the journey, He has been faithful to continue the work in me - regardless of what I'm doing. I have been in church, reading my bible, and praying all this time, but it's been varied in depth and focus. In spite of that, God's been relentless in his quest to transform me. I think all we need is the "yes God" heart and he'll take it from there. It will look different for all of us, and that's ok. The outcome will be the same. People who want to be near God and be lovers - of God and each other.
20 yrs ago when Jesus set me free, I was fighting to find out the depth of the Word of God but could not go further than reading it like a story book.

But then it dawned to me when an evangelist told me that only when you spend time with the Lord during the early mornings, then you can have a one to one conversation with the Almighty or at least you can feel the presence of the Holy Spirit, who will reveal the Power of every word in the Bible.

I followed that and to my surprise I found that the Holy Spirit began to speak to me, filled me or I should say that he drenched me with the Holy Spirit and revealed the Power of each and every double edged sword (the word of God). I was baffled to find that only when you understand the Word, the way the Holy Spirit reveals it to you, that Word becomes a weapon in your hand to slaughter the enemy.

Long story short I received the Baptism of Fire ("I baptize you with water for repentance. But after me will come one who is more powerful than I, whose sandals I am not fit to carry. He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and with fire." (Matthew 3:11)

And thereafter, now almost 16yrs passed, I do not fall sick. I can rebuke the evil spirits.

Am sure the Lord God of Israel, through Jesus Christ awaits for everyone who thirsts to receive HIS Power like a dry land, HE will pour and that is revival.

Oh yah, this world needs it and therefore let us stand in the Gap and plead for a world wide revival

Jesus bless you all


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