I would like to hear (read) your stories of how you became a worship leader/musician/praise team member, all of that. Did you fight God on the calling or did you accept willingly? What's your story?

C'mon and share, I'm ready to read!!!!

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Hi Joy, what an interesting question, I'm looking forward to hearing the replies. I played the guitar for a couple of years as a teenager, but it was shortlived. About ten years ago my dad bought a new guitar and I asked if I could have his old one. I picked it up again and began learning a few worship songs, as I'd been to a few charismatic events and picked a few tunes up. I began to feel the Lord was telling me that this is what He wanted me to do for Him. For about five years I was totally alone and kept on worshipping on my own at home, yet still felt called. I was going on a retreat one weekend, when out of the blue I received a phone call from Michael the worship leader who asked me to bring my guitar along. I still don't know to this day how that came about....He asked if I could follow chord sheets - I lied - I'd never followed a chord sheet in my life, just used my own chords. I had no cappo, electric guitar etc. very little knowledge at all. Anyway, I went along and bluffed my way through and somehow managed to fit in - didn't know most of the songs. After that, if Michael was in the area he would ask me to join in with the worship team. The rest is history. By word of mouth I suppose, I gained experience this way and with other musicians About two years ago though, I felt a real strong prompting from the Lord to make a 'proper' commitment to Him, to give what I had to Him and His glory, which I did, and I still stand by that. I never thought I would see the day when I could ever lead worship, but by the grace of God, I often lead now. Praise be to Him.
Here's my story here. Rather than reprint the whole thing I've linked to 2 blog posts that highlight my journey to where I am now.

1) My Worship Leader Journey: Over on my blog.
2) My Graphic Design/Art Journey over on Our Creative Community.

Would love to read others' stories as well!
Well, in the official sense, I am not yet a worship 'leader'.....but I am 'on call'...Ha Ha. I do not usually lead the church in worship, although I have played/sung in front of the church a few times for special events. Last night we had a potluck and afterwards I played two songs and a few of us sang together.....Sunday afternoon I played out on the street for about an hour, did Amazing Grace/My chains are gone (the extended version with blues harp), also did 'Stand by me' ...Redemption Song, and a few originals. It was fun and I made 56 cents. (:...., but mostly I did it for the experience. I saw that I can....do it by myself, but I think it would be more effective with at least one other person to help out.....It would have more energy. I am tired of waiting. I want to bring people to the Lord. It is no longer enough for me...to be filled....I am not content with what blessings God will give to me....I have become more concerned about what He wants to give to others...through me, through you. I am praying for God to show me.....how I can help HIM to FILL others. I think I have reached my 'saturation point'....I am 'filled'. Hallelujah! Now I want to give it all away. I guess that is some kind of a worship leader....I want to lead the lost and the HUNGRY to worship. Oh Lord I love You. Thank You for this burden.
Robert I am rejoicing with you as well as standing in admiration of your desires. What was your experience being filled by God like? When did you realize that you were filled to the saturation point and realized that it's now time to seek and minister to the lost and hungry, winning souls for the kingdom?

I am completely in awe of how you stood out on a street and played and sang (and made 56 cents). I have had many thoughts of standing in malls and just singing my heart out in worship to God but I didn't act on those thoughts and never did it. Your boldness is very encouraging. Wow Robert, Wow....I thank God for how He is using you and how He is using You to minister to me.
Joy....I think I reached the saturation point when I just realized I had enough....and that it was time to turn around and give back...but I had to ask, "What can I give?" It is like trying to shop for a birthday present for the person who has everything..... So what can I give? For starters, just a simple 'Thank You' . Then, I can give Him praise...praises. But every time I praise Him.....it just keeps coming back to me. Try to give it all away...and just can not get away from the receiving end. (how wonderfully frustrating) So.....I have to find lots more people to give all this away to....And I think that is actually the most important way that I could ever show my appreciation....for what He has done for me. To be instumental (play me) .......ooh, I love that thought, (I actually just now thought of that for the first time ) (Play me../instumental) Ha Ha. Anyway....It is in my heart....for others to feel this joy...that is as simple as it can get...the only ambition we ever need. Oh God my Lord! You are just so....Cool.
Amen Robert, I often feel like that I am too surface. Just surface in my worship, prayers, study, fellowship with God, everything. I get very frustrated many moments of my days. Now, I know that God hears me and He speaks to and through me, my thing is just I feel so self-absorbed. Like you said, in my praises to Him, they keep coming back to me, me, me. For example, I just got into a car accident, really want a promotion at work, trying to start a business, going to grad school next month, and trying to lead out in the worship arts department at my church. So as i pray, I'm praying over all these things...it comes right back to me. When I thank God, it all comes back to me...I feel like I dis-respect God so terribly and I when I think of the cross and the physiological apects of what Jesus endured I just feel like dirt..well I am dirt I guess. SMILE...and I haven't even told you how I got started!!!!!!! I'm getting great inspiration from you Robert, by all means KEEP SHARING!!!!
Ah but.....this is ALL TALK....I want to DO. I am 'doing' so very little. Just going to have to keep praying about it, and try to 'not miss'....when that 'still small voice'....is trying to show me something.
And see that is my problem too. I think and then I talk, but do very little...that's so sad. so then I must ask, WHY IN THE WORLD ARE WE NOT DOERS????? Why I ask you WHY???? (sorry for yelling, just got a little carried away...)

Like, I want to be so in tune to the Holy Spirit that I can confidently stand and refuse to yield to temptation. I want to be under the control of the Holy Spirit and not just under the influence of the Holy Spirit...and I'M SICK OF COMMITTING A SIN AND RUNNING BACK TO GOD KNOWING THAT I CHOSE TO SIN AGAINST HIM.....(again pardon me for yelling!!) Ok Robert, we can do this, no we must do this. If we are worshippers who worship God in spirit and truth then we must DO...talk is nice but we gotta do!! So I'll encourage you, you encourage me and as brothers and sisters in Christ, we will DO!
Amen. Seeing clearly what we want to do is the first step. Then we try to do someting. We have some failures, some success. But, as you said, we must do this. We learn from our attempts. If God wants His work done, He will show us how.... He IS God, after all. Has He not told us? Has He not promised? Has He not commanded us? Let's do it. Just start doing it, anyway you can. Try .....something. Bless you, in Jesus Name, that you may be effective for Him. In Jesus Holy Name. Amen
Father I thank You for my brother in Christ, Robert. I ask that You forgive us of any sins committed against You and please cleanse us from all unrighteousness. Please Lord, please move in us to will and to do what which You have called us to do and may we do it for Your glory. We bless You, we magnify You and we glorify You in Jesus name Amen. Praise God Robert!!!
But back to the topic, How it all started?.... This is how it is starting, right now. Thank You Joy. It is wonderful to see, that perfect work that works in me..is working in you also. It gives Joy to my heart. How wonderful, how 'poetic' that your name is Joy. The Lord so loves us.
okay here goes..........cut my teeth in high school bands (70's), then played in bar bands for quite awhile, played bass but always had an acoustic nearby... Was saved in 96 and turn my life over to the Lord. Attended a little country AG church that gave me an opportunity to start playing and singing praises to my King.. Not many resources to draw from.. overhead projectors, couldn't even get Klove on the radio so was aware of much going on besides some choruses the little church was doing....moved (job related) and was again blessed to be part of a much more contrmporary team, was a great learning experience .. started leading on Sunday nights (unplugged worship) and when the worship leader was out of town. Thru some junk.... God moved me out of that body and we were looking for a church where we could be used and was visiting churches in our area. My current pastor (great drummer) heard I was looking and called and wanted to know if I could help them on the Bass. played one week and the next they had a bass but not a guitar so I played that week on acoustic, we were klinda jammin before practice and the pastor asked if I could lead as the next week the other three leaders were not available. That was a year a and a half ago. I lead about 3 weekends a month and two months ago I was asked to take on worship director role. I know that I am in the middle of God's will on this. He has placed me in this very place. When your doing exactly what brings you so much joy and know that God has orchestrated it all it man it is almost too much to take...Praise God.


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