How long does your church worship thru song at the beginning of your service on Sunday?

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Ummm roughly around 20 to 30 minutes. I think that's probably fairly average though.
Our services are one hour long and we do 7 songs. So I guess that's about 30 minutes.
7 songs! Wow! We never get thru more than 2 or 3 in a half hour! :)
Typically 5 songs.
This happens to us to. We aim for 30 but if the Spirits leads for longer most everyone is open to it.
30 mins with 1 opening song, 3 praise & 3 worship song.
We do 6-7 songs... Worship is usually about 40 minutes
Normally on Sunday mornings we worship in song around 30 minutes. We are always open to the Holy Spirit and if He is still ministering after the "set" time for worship, we will follow His lead and continue in worship.

Sunday nights we have set aside for prayer and worship and we usually worship anywhere from an hour and ahalf to 2 hours, or for as long as the Lord impresses upon our hearts to.
Sounds wonderful!
Wow, we are way different from the majority of those of you here. Our service is a blended service. On a typical Sunday we have an opening hymn with the organ and then the worship team plays 2 opening songs. Then we play between 2-4 songs throughout the service (communion, offertory, postlude, ect.) The amount varies from week to week.
Usually around 30 minutes. Once in a while, we will have worship music for the entire service. Those are really nice, when there isn't so much of a time constraint. It allows for more improvisation and flowing with the Spirit... more instrumental.

Where we used to live (a different state), our church there had almost no limitations on when things happened or how long stuff lasted. It was terrific to have that level of freedom, but those of us with small children just had to get up and go after a while. The young ones must be fed!
I look forward to the day when we are not concerned with time so much and just spend hours worshipping before the Lord, ministering to Him, listening to Him and receiving from Him as we spend more and more time in His presence, loving Him.


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