How long does your church worship thru song at the beginning of your service on Sunday?

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I agree with you, what you said about what happens each time the people repeat a song. I'd like to add that the fourth time through is to me the turning point. I believe that three times is about as much as people can go by the flesh, and going into the fourth time requires a conscious decision to really release oneself in worship.

So if it is a simple song I'd go for it four times and see what happens after that. :)
Our worship music time is about 40 minutes. We have a 5 minute break after the first couple songs for Announcements and a Psalm reading. We typically end up playing anywhere from 6 to 7 songs and then have one more to close the service after the message.
we have officially one hour.....I do go sometimes 15 mins more
Usually we open with one then have a message, slow worship diring comunion the 3 to finish. Normally, 30 min or so. Not like the old days of a hour or more. Earle...thebaldbassguy.
We do about 3 songs at the beginning of service and a total of five songs for the entire service. Our services go for about an hour.
We usually last 30 minutes which will include 5 songs. Pastor will usually come up at the last song and pray, give altar calls for prayer as the Lord leads so we'll usually just worship instrumentally with the last song. Every now and then we'll have an awesome move of God and we'll play a couple more.
I m blessed to have pastors who loves to depend on the Holy Spirit……………rather waiting to give the message…………………..
Normally we have 45mins of worship…………………………….in 2hrs of service………….
We usually last anywhere from 30 to 40 minutes on Sundays.
I think it is really important for worship leaders to expect longer than the time slot given.

We normally have 30 mins, sometimes people have responded to the Holy Spirit a lot faster and God has moved in a mighty way within minutes of starting. Sometimes it has taken a lot longer. Generally if the people are responding to God and Gods presence is powerful my Pastor will allow longer for the worship time
We open with one, then we have announcements. After that, we have about 30-35 minutes of worship. We normally have an invitation for ministry and prayer during the set, so sometimes we go a little longer if ministry time is still going.
Our Pastor is very generous when it comes to worship. As a team we have 7 songs in our set which usually lasts 45 mins.,but he allows specials to be done at offering or he'll pay a music video on the over head. More times than not our dance team will do somthing with streamers or other props. Our Pastor is very cool with his freedom to worship.
As Earle...the bald bass guy already said, since he is my bass player. We open with one maybe two songs. Then the pastor preaches. We do communion after the sermon so we will do a worship song there. Then we do about 3 medium to fast songs. We treat the songs at the end of the service as a celebration of what God is doing.

I would love to do more of a worship time. I really long and some others really long for that time, but the service is very seeker sensative and the leadership in the church has made their decision. We are starting to have other times of worship in the body to fill that void. Not really my idea of how it should go, but once again I am just being submissive to leadership.


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