How long does your church worship thru song at the beginning of your service on Sunday?

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We do 6 or 7 songs, depending on a lot of different variables. We usually play for 30 to 35 minutes. We have gone as long as 45.

I used to worship in a 400-member church where the service is about 2hrs, and worship is allocated about 35 minutes. There, I would normally prepare about 7songs, nicely linked, with a well thought-out flow.

I have since moved to a house church of about 60-70members (including children & youths, who participate fully in our the services). I no longer prepare a worship songlist. I just lead as led by the Holy Spirit, more like a worship facilitator than a worship leader. Worship is typically about 1hr. There were times when the Holy Spirit comes in such a mighty way that we can be in His presence worshiping for 2 hours. There is no band, no backup vocalist, there is no stage...only the presence of a mighty God...and we are lost in it...
In starting we sing around 4 songs and then prayers and all together its around 7 songs
Oddly enough the ol'Holy Ghost keeps to a tight schedule, mainly to beat the Baptists to Cracker Barrel! He hates waiting on a table. I'm only kidding of course, but running long in the order of service is strictly punished unless you're the one preaching! But hey, give us one talent and we'll bring back two (unless of course we've investing in the DOW!!!)


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