How many of us are going to the National Worship Leader Conference this year?

Just curious how many of us are going to be there at the 2009 NWLC in Leawood,Kansas. I went last year in Austin and it was so completely awesome! Hope to be there again!

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I agree that last year was an amazing time. I'd love to go again this year (July 20 - 23 in Leawood, KS but I don't know if I can afford it! Last year it cost me almost $2000, which came out of my own pocket because I'm not on staff at any church at the moment.

In spite of the cost, it was a significant time for me when God spoke, and I'd encourage all who are able to attend. And if not this conference, then something similar. I find these times away almost critical for keeping in tune with our calling and ministry.
I agree, it was a spendy unit, but worth it....I felt SO strongly that I was supposed to go that I took up a second p/t job just so that I could attend, and then later found out my church was going to cover most of it after all..... (so then I was able to hit the outlet malls in San Marcos as well....great shopping there, girls!) God really worked it out for was my first big conference of it's kind and one I will certainly never forget. I'd definately encourage anyone who can attend to do so.... what an awesome time with the Lord, worshipping with others from around the country.
And the concerts weren't too shabby either.... OMG...Lincoln Brewster was the bomb! And Israel Houghton.....I was so excited I ran down front with my camera like a teenage groupie.....good thing nobody knew me! My kids would have been so embarrassed.....LOL :)
It was my first time seeing Israel Houghton...I've never experienced so much energy!

A conference like this really helps to open up one's eyes to the different ways in which God's people meet and worship/praise. And to listen to Bishop Garlington preach with music playing the whole time...that was unique.
I went the first year and was totally blessed. Missed the second year due to taking care of my mom who is now in a nursing home. This year, I'm going on a cruise on Easter Sunday. This is costing my wife and I bit of money but it's been long due. So I didn't register yet but I will not rule anything out. God knows my desire and I've come to realize He loves me enough to do for me what any loving father would do for his children. So I watch to see...
Oh I loved Bishop Garlington and his keyboardist! definately unique. Being a keyboardist, I was so fascinated with him that I had a hard time keeping my attention on the speaker. I've been asked to play thru entire sermons occasionally over the years, just softly, no song in particular, just flowed along with the speaker....but never quite like that. It was almost like a movie score.You could definately tell they have been doing that for awhile....a great example of flow....and he could read him so well, he would interject just the right sounds, chords, hits, whatever, at just the right time.....very cool and unique. So neat to see how other people flow....and it also gives you some great ideas to take home and try out on your church...if you dare! :)
I'm going! I am excited about. Been to several other conferences in the gospel arena, so I thought that I would try something that more closely resembles the congregation I currently serve. Why was it so expensive? I added it all up and it should top out at about $1100...
Glenda, the higher costs were due to air fares from where I live - Texas is a long way from Western Canada! Plus there were extra hotel costs for coming a day early, leaving a day late, etc (it was hard to get there at the exact time from where I live). I also had an 8hr road trip on either end to get to the airport that worked the best! And don't forget that my $2000 is in Canadian dollars.

But in spite of all that, it was a great experience and I heartily recommend it, especially to those who live closer than I do.

This year the deciding factor for me will be time...our family is trooping off to Alberta for a college graduation in April, my wife and I are going to Hawaii for 2 weeks in May, we have a wedding to plan for our daughter in August, and I'm trying to finish a book to be published in the fall...getting tired just thinking about it!


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