My pastor preaches once a week at my church, and it's my official 'job' to write a synopsis of his sermon. That forces me to engage with his sermon even more than usual. I am also currently listening to DVDs of teachings on various topics, summarizing and transcribing them (also part of my job).

Because I HAVE to do all that, I can't say that I won't listen to anymore sermons in the week because I can't digest them (def = seriously ponder them, meditate on all the scripture passages quoted, make the message my own). But how about you? How many sermons do you get every week? How many do you think you are able to absorb and benefit from?

For me, I'll say that if it's not for work purposes, I can at best manage 2-3 sermons a week... :)

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Yea, when you think about really coming home and studying deeper into the "heard" message, meditating, etc., you'd have your hands full with 3, assuming we're talking about a 45 minute to 1 hour message with several scriptures involved. If you have a full time job, you wouldn't even get farther than 1 message a week. If it's a 15 to 20 minute sermonette, maybe more.
One is enough for me. I actually prefer it when our home study group takes the Sunday sermon and goes deeper (with notes provided by the pastor for that purpose). It brings back what he first talked about, and helps it stick.

That being said, I love listening to interviews and other speakers on cd in my truck when I'm driving.
We do the very thing Rick. Pastor's sermon outline and some notes are handed out to everyone in church whether they attend cell groups or not. Then the cell groups get to discuss the sermon. Those of us who study it deeper, will generally teach more on the subject. Others just share experiences relating to the sermon. It's all good though.
Still, like you Rick, I have my favorite teaching Pastors that I'll listen to every week. Most of the time, 5 days a weeks since their message is broken up into three parts. I will sometimes study that message more than my own Pastor's message because of the rich content.
I'm all for listening to other speakers on CD, especially if you have a long commute. I don't do it, though, because I don't, not at the moment. How many sermons you feel you can digest if you're listening to them on CD (or MP3, or whatever)? Are you constantly going through new material there? Or you loop through a few sermons? :)
Listening to lots of sermons and teaching throughout the week...I daresay that we don't really "digest" them. It's more like sampling at the buffet bar...(or maybe dim sum?)...we get a taste of this and a bit of that, and it's all great. But who among us has time to go really deep with every single one? (If you do, I'd love to come visit your monastery...:))

But sampling is not bad. Even if just one thing from a sermon or teaching sticks in the back of our brain, it will be useful one day. It's like reading lots of books - we may not remember the entire plot from them all, but we remember bits and pieces, and those bits and pieces are what make up our frame of reference for life.
I just finished a bible in a year thingy, and that is really doing it dim sum style. I see so much that I want to return to later. This year I am going to take a month with each book of the New Testament, and that will satisfy some of my desire for depth.

Monastery life does look attractive at times. I think for us Protestants the closest we are ever going to get to it will be going to Bible School full-time! :)
For me it's all situational. If I'm on a road trip, I can digest 2-4 sermons per day. But in your average week, I'd say one every day or so.
I would say at the most three good message. I start to feel like I'm going to explode because I have so much information, but that's why I blog....i.e., an outlet.
In all honestly I find a whole sermon hard to digest - it speaks to my heart at the time, but I find it hard to remember as a whole, the next day. However, there is always one thing in a sermon that really jumps out at me, it could be just one phrase, and that is the thing I remember and reflect upon.
I know what you are talking about. That's why I try to engage with each sermon even more. A God-given sermon can speak to us in so many ways, I guess that's why people can keep listening to the same sermon CD many times! :)


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