Hello, I am from Malaysia, recently, we lost a few good musicians because they change jobs and have moved to other places. We have a number of young people, who are also talented in music. 

The problem is, they are not interested in playing music for the church. We as leaders have tried all kinds of ways to attract them, including music lessons for free. 

Please help. Thank you..

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Just as clarification here...if they are talented in music, why offer music lessons? Was it for those who needed to learn? 

We teach them musical notation. They are very raw talent.

Thanks for your response.


I don't know if you can force youth to join in the church music unless they want to.  Certainly they would need to like the sort of music you are playing, and would probably need to feel some ownership of what they are doing.

I don't know whether this would work for you, but I noticed we had a few good young musicians in our church, so I decided to try to form something of a youth band.  I've held a rehearsal with them (mostly on their own without other adults) once a month since autumn last year.  This has worked really well - they've improved a lot, and I've been able to have the group play once a month in the main church service (with me leading, mostly) and some of them join in with our group at other services.

However, before I claim much credit here, I think they are a good group.  They are keen, and were already a tight knit group.  The really talented ones are pulling the others along. So, I feel like all I have done, really, is point them in the right direction musically.  I've been leading worship for 15 years, and this is the first time I tried something like this....previously I had occasional youth musicians in our band, talented individuals who wanted to join in.

As yet, none of the group feel confident enough to take a "worship leader" kind of role (the good musicians don't want to sing, the good singer can't play anything, and whilst it is possible to work around this, it is more difficult, and they are young).  So, I've been doing the overall "leading" when they play... but this is my next challenge with the group, I think.

So, as I say, that is how it has worked for me.  Perhaps the trick here is that this was something they wanted to do, and I simply noticed the potential and guided in the right direction.  In your case, you sound like you are actually looking for ways to plug a gap in your music group, and you noticed there are some youth who might be able to do this.  So, you are trying to recruit them, with your own goals in mind, rather than thinking about what they might like to do.

For me, I feel that playing in church, to serve God's people and please God, is a privilege. And if I need to beg people to do it people may think that they are doing God a favour, rather than being extended the honour of serving.

So if I have to anchor everything myself, or make do with weaker musicians, I'd rather do that than cheapen the honour of playing for God. Of course, I am able to anchor the worship set myself, so take it for what its worth! :)

Thank you for your response Junjie. Totally agree with you. 


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