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Should I get a ukelele???

Quickly learn the keyboard???

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good day dianne... take great caution not to have the acoustic guitar soundboard touch your body. the vibration may cause underdevelopment of skull in foetus.my sister in law, a Bible school graduate lost her first child. they linked the reason for such abnormality playing guitar while pregnant...
Wow, I've never heard of that....so sorry about your sister in law. I played drums while I was pregnant.....musta been quite a sight....but quit when I got past my 6th month. My baby came out just fine.... a 9 lb boy with a great sense of rhythm! I kid you not! :)
Drums... now THAT sounds fun!!!
I played through 2 of my 3 pregnancies and my kids were just fine. Standing sideways def. works
peace and congratulations
Learning the keyboard is also a good idea. :) Try to carry over the nuances of guitar playing to the keyboard. Congrats on the baby! :)
Thanks Junjie :) Thinking this thru one might need long arms to pull off playing keys in the last couple months of pregnancy. The belly is seriously big' around then!

I actually played piano as a kid - could probably pick up the keyboard quite fast. Reallly love keys. Not sure what I'd do about the songs I've written for guitar though, skip those for a while I guess. Bless you...
It's always worth a try. Strumming would be kinda tough, but I'm sure you can make do. I started off on the keys before I learned guitar, and guitar has taught me to do as much as I can with just 6 strings and an attitude. That helped my piano no end! :)

I am now remembering the days when my wife was pregnant...
That's cool Junjie... how many kids do you have? Are there any pictures of them on your profile?

Thanks for the keyboard input, I think I'll just stick with guitar. I'd rather keep working at it and be really good at one thing instead of being only partially good at too many things. I've actually probably come to the conclusion that I will need to take a break pretty soon here. I diid a worship night Fri and this belly is just getting to be too big!

Bless you :)
I've got two, both boys, and they keep me busy enough! I'm gonna update my blog about why I think about them so much. I don't have pics of them on my profile, would you believe that I am not that tech yet? Trying to grow to that point though...

A break is actually a good idea. I ALWAYS get nervous when I see a pregnant lady moving around. I tend to subtly position myself around her just in case she needs help. Anyway, you have to decide: you're going to be on a break once the kid comes so you might as well start it a little early, OR you're going to be on a break once the kid comes so you squeeze in as much ministry as possible before that.

Your call. :)
you may want to try a thinner body acoustic electric or they make a stand that holds a guitar,fender,ibanez,and samick all make the thinner body congrats and God bless
I don't have any answer that might help...but this is a wonderful topic. Just delightful. Congratulations.
Hi, I have been a worship leader for over 30 years. I lead with my guitar too. Been through 2 pregnancies and did fine. What I found to help me was to losen my guitar strap as my tummy grew. I never put it on the last knotch as that would be too far away for my arms to stretch. Both of my daughters love music and they both play instruments and sing. I account one reason they love music so much is because they heard it all the time when they were in my tummy. As I played they would move often. They are fully developed and very healthy. One is a teenager and the other is 11 years old. By the way they both play the guitar too (the oldest plays the bass guitar and the youngest plays the acoustic). So, you can't go wrong by leading worship and being pregnant. After all, God created both... Worship and new life! I think He knows what He is doing! One more thing, when my tummy was getting really big towards the end of my pregnancy I would slide the guitar towards my right side a little (as I am right handed) and that seemed to help. The only thing I had trouble with was my air support when I sang and preached. I seemed to be always out of breath! Hope this helps. Keep playing and keep worshipping for the King,
Pastor Kris


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