How would you NOT measure success in a worship ministry

Greetings WTR peps!

I'm working on a blog post on measuring success in worship ministry and I could use your help...

What ways would you NOT measure success in worship ministry?

Any thoughts would be much appreciated!

Update: 1-16-12

I just re-posted a blog article that I wrote a little more then a year ago. The article considers the subject of qualifying success in worship by examining some advice from Bob Kauflin, head of Sovereign Grace Music.

You can view the article in the WTR members blog... Click Here

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I knew a couple of elderly ladies that had gone to Peru as young women -- sold everything to buy passage on a steamer, and then find a job in a restaurant.  Worked as bivocational missionaries for a decade or so, only a few converts; years after they left, one of their converts was instrumental in great revival; but even if that had not taken place, I believe what they did was as valuable in God's sight as Reinhard Bonnke preaching to a million.

My wife began with one word:




I have 2 words for her ;-)

ear plugs

Jesus made an analogy, "a good tree bears good fruit (& vice-versa)" to illustrate a basic principle of right heart-motive.  But then He goes and sends out imperfect humans to spread and teach the Gospel!  So you're always going to have a situation where the message-bearers don't quite measure up to the message.

He gave another analogy about seeds planted in various sorts of soil.  This parable may be viewed in a number of ways, but I'll consider the aspects of shallow soil and weed-choking.  If we use means that get people in the door, but live unworthily ourselves, sooner or later our weeds are going to start wrapping around our growth.  So the "measurement" of initial "success" (lots of new faces, buoyant worship) may fail to tell the extended story.

Nothing new to contribute with this post -- I just wanted to say how much I am enjoying the commentary that appears each day, it seems!  People are responding from the depth of their hearts, and it has been interesting for the mind as well.  Thank you for starting this one!

I've recently read Brother Andrew's Books:   God's Smuggler and Light Force.   What I like is that he ends Light Force with an evaluation of his work which suggests in human terms there's not a lot to show.   This encourages me when we can't prove an outreach or a worship event as  "successful".  We have to really on following Jesus and doing the Fathers will.  Often we know we had to do that thing,  what even it was, but we have to say one day Lord please explain it to me.  

A final thought on the faithful servant...

John Piper has been the pastor of Bethlehem Baptist Church for 32 years.  In his first sermon to the BBC congregation Piper responded to Philippians 1:19-26 with these words...

"I will aim to love Christ with all my heart, and with all my soul, and with all my strength. Because when I die in the midst of my ministry and say farewell to a beloved flock and a cherished family, I want to be able to believe that it is gain. And in my dying I want to be able to bear witness to a church that Christ is great indeed and worthy of all our trust."


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