Recently, I've had a couple people who are consistently requesting (actually pleading) "could we PLEASE sing (this) song for praise service (or choir) tonight?"

I'm open to hearing what songs people have on their hearts and I've tried to oblige them and work it into the repertoire for that service but it's getting to the place where it does not leave freedom for me to be the director and feel after what the Spirit is leading. For this next service they've already pleaded with me to choose a particular song for choir and now a particular song for worship. Sometimes it does not fit in with the direction I'm feeling to go in music or the songs I already have picked out.

I responded and told them I'd pray about it and see if it fits in with the songs I already have chosen but did not give them a definite answer.
How would you or do you respond to people like that?

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Sometimes when people request music, it's purely to show that they can be in control. (bad)

Sometimes when people request music, it's because it's their favorite song. (bad)

Sometimes when people request music, they think it would be good for the congregation as a whole. Maybe the Lord is speaking to them. (good)

Sometimes when people request music, it may be because the music you have been playing has been played too much. They want something else for a change. (bad for you)

The hard part is trying to figure out which one.


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