We think we know where God lives...
We think we know what He likes...
And we are sure we know what He dislikes....
I thought I did...
After all I am involved in my church...I am praise and worship leader, occasionally I get share a word of revelation
I'm working on projects to help increase membership, and I desire to be more involved in church outreach projects...
I have done and I am doing a lot of things "FOR" God...because thats what I am supposed to do.
But lately something has happened in my spirit to change all that..A HUNGER has been birth in my heart that
just wont go away...I am in bit of a frustrating funk, we can call it a devine depression of destiny...
I am a first generation Spirit-filled believer...a first in my family legacy
...but I must be honest with you: I have become somewhat weary of church, or church as usual,
I can relate somewhat to the peole that we invite to our services every week, they wont come because they are sick of church too. But on the other hand , thought many people live within sight of our steeple, work with us , shop @ the same grocery stores, hardware stores, eat @ the same restaurants, may be sick of church as well, they're also HUNGRY for GOD!.
You can't tell me they are not HUNGRY for God...when they wear crosses and crystals around thery're neck they seek assurance and validation from loved-ones and self-esteem gurus ...they counsel with psychics and spiritualist of all types ...they are HUNGRY to hear from something beyond themselves, something they are not hearing in church today... The bottom line is that many people are sick of church because the Church has been somewaht less than what the book advertised...PEOPLE WANT TO CONNECT WITH A HIGHER POWER!!! their hunger drives them to everywhere but the church...they pursue pleasures of the flesh to try to feed the HUNGER that gnaws @ their souls...
I ronically as a minister I suffer from the same hunger pangs as the people who had never met Jesus before!. I am just not content to know about Jesus anymore...You can know all about President Obama, Bishop Charles Blake, Mat Reman, Stephen Hurd, Darlene Z, Mother Willie Mae Rivers, Kenneth Copelan, and other personalites of faith , you can know their eating habits, their favourite Bible verses , address,maritial status but knowing about them doesnot imply intimacy...that does'nt mean you know them ...you can Google any one on the internet get a myriad of information about a person...but all you get is information about that iindividual you don't really know them...I may know info abouthte people I've mentioned but if I met them I would have to be introduced ...because as I said be fore mere knowledge about a person is not the same as a intimate friendship...Its simply not enough to know about God ...we have churches filled with people who can win Bible-trivia contest but who don't know Him...I am afraid some of us have been sidetracked or entangled by everything from prosperity to poverty...and we've become such an ingrown society of the self righteous and our desires and wants and those of the Holy spirit are two different matters.

If we are not careful, we can become so interested in developing "the cult of the comfortable" , with our comfortable pastor, out comfortable church buliding, and our comfortable circle of friends.... that we forget about the thousands of discontented, wounded dying people who pass by us and our comfortable church everyday....I have burden today I can't help but think that if we fail to even try to reach them with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the He certainly wasted a lot of blood on Calvary. Now that makes me UNCOMFORTABLE!!!
Ther has got ot be more ..I am desparate for a God encounter ( of the closest kind).

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Amen Brother Amen, it's the Cross and nothing but the Cross so help us God. People are looking for something real. We want power in our lives to deal with our circumstances, heartaches and problems. We have access to that power thru the Cross and the shed Blood of Christ. But, what a lot of us miss is there will be no power with out purity. "...be Ye Holy for I Am Holy." in order to have the intimacy with God we crave we must spend every waking moment we can with Him in prayer, the study of His word fellowship with His Church etc... The problem is we want what what our flesh wants more and that sin keeps us from spending that time with Him ,either because we are ashamed (which we should be) or we let the devils condemnation convince us we are unworthy to seek his face. Well as Pastor Greg Laurie once said we need to face the fact that on our best day when we have done everything right we were never good enough. Jesus didn't die for us because we we're good enough. He died for us because He loves us. And that is what the Cross So loudly proclaims! As I said earlier we should be ashamed when we sin against God But don't let that shame drive us into a pit of pity and self righteous condemnation and pride. Instead let it break our hearts for breaking the heart of the One who loves us more than we can imagine . Let it take us to our knees in humble repentance to rise in joyful hope and praise that the God of all creation has taken up residents in our very own hearts thru faith that even He has given us. So to answer your question YES I am hungry as we all should be. So brother stay hungry and continue to share the Gospel with all who the Lord leads you to. May God speed your journeys and Bless your efforts.
Ok...let me just say that I am going to have to digest this for a few days. Even the title of this conversation reached out and grabbed me by my very guts. I hunger like that....I do not ever want to lose my hunger for God....to learn more of His ways.... I went to a prayer night tonight and I prayed, Thank You Lord for patience....but not complacency. Because of what I HAVE seen...I believe that all Your promises are true. I want to be patient...I am patient because of the promises that I have already seen come true.....in me. But yet I am EXCITED....to watch the rest unfold. As a child....filled with wonder and expectation...Lord let me always be.
You hit it right on! We as 'church goers' lost the true meaning of being God's church. WE are the church, not the building.
We've become happy and content sitting with the confines of 4 walls but miss it when we leave the 'building'.
I was one of them psychic seeking gals before I allowed Christ to create a new heart in me. I was seeking Him! Honestly seeking truth. Not in the way I should but I did get saved. They are looking for answers.
But it also takes US as followers of Christ to be transparent before those that are hurt. To die to self and let the spirit man rise up with in us. Hey Jesus came here not only to save us but to show us that we too can walk without sinning. He did it. He showed us. He showed us how to talk to the Father. And how to worship. We've lost our way.
Am going to reread what you wrote. Thank you for your honesty.
May all of us who lead worship---lead in truth and in the spirit. May we show the hurting the love of Abba Father.
Praise be to God. Thank you for posting this in true sincerity and honesty. There is so much in my own heart that I would like to say to you, but I am not one of those talented people who can write lengthy replies easily, so I will leave that to the guys who can. It sounds to me as though the Lord is planting a deep hunger within you and is calling you to Him. He so wants to have that personal and intimate relationship with you. Heed His call and let Him feed this growing hunger within you, He will surely feed you. Talk to Him in your own way, listen to Him, pray to Him, repent, ask Him to fill you with His Spirit, thank Him, give Him your heart and mean everything you say to Him....... He will not let you down. I am praying for you. Lorraine
Hi again, I have been reading one of the other discussions on the site and it made me look again at my comment above and how it would sound to you on the receiving end. It may come across as though I am preaching to you, that couldn't be further from the truth. I just feel such an excitement about all this, and when I say I am praying for you, it's not 'cos I think you haven't already done all these things, it's because I was feeling exactly the same as you some years ago, then I received the 'more', and let me tell you, I would not trade it in for anything. God Bless.
You are speaking the truth! I know my soul hungers for a passionate relationship with God. I want to KNOW Him! And you're right, people on the outside do too, but sometimes they aren't confronted with others passion for God, so it seems to them to be another mundane activity. It's so important for us individually to speak about our passion for Christ to others. Our friends, co-workers, and church-goers. Speak with more of a passion about God than we do about sports or whatever.

As I seek Him, I find I want more and more! I also want others to want to know more. It's my prayer that I don't lose the passionate drive to continue to seek and follow Him!


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