Would love to hear ideas of Hymns blended with P & W songs. One of my favorites is How Great Thou Art/How Great Is Our God. Would love more ideas! Thanks!

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Here are a few we have used:

Come Thou Fount, Come Thou King - Gateway Worship

Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone) - Chris Tomlin

How Great Is Our God with How Great Thou Art- Tomlin's arrangement

Glorious Day- Mark Hall and Michael Bleeker (This is a moderinized version of "One Day")

O For A Thousand Tongues- David Crowder Band (Gateway Worship also has a good arrangement)

Jesus Paid It All- Performed by Kristian Stanfill

Center by Charlie Hall ends with Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus

We Fall Down with My Jesus, I Love Thee - Tomlin's Arrangement

Cornerstone- Hillsong  (Moderinized Arrangement of "The Solid Rock") Video is our praise team singing "Cornerstone"  http://youtu.be/CRR4I4tX9FY

Thank you! Gonna check them out!

Just out of interest, what key(s) do you do How Great is our God/How Great Thou Art.  I've been wanting to do this combination for a while, but never been able to work out the keys.  How Great Thou Art is way too high if done in the same key!


We do "How Great Is Our God" in the key of G. We do the chorus twice, then the "name above all names" bridge, at the end of the bridge we play G Gsus  G  E which transitions you to the key of A. From there, we sing the chorus with the girls singing the "name above all names" descant. At the end of that chorus, we use an A Asus A "then sings my soul". We sing the "How Great Thou Art "chorus and then migrate back into an acapella chorus of "How Great Is Our God." It is definitely a favorite of our congregation.

And thinking ahead to Christmas time, one we have done is:

Angels from the realms of glory into You alone are worthy (Glory, glory in the highest) by Al Gordon (?)



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