I'm facing more than I'd expect anyone to endure...

I haven't worked in over 3 years...

we've emptied every account including retirement...

we're only eating by the goodness of friends around us...

I know I have valuable skills to offer and that God has something waiting for me...

Every day is harder and harder to be strong for my family, my church and to muster the courage to press on.


brother dave

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Hi Dave - is there some background to this, or would you prefer to keep schtum until we've sought God?

I prayed for you yesterday and I want you to have faith and believe with me that you will get that job you need really soon. God will open the door!



Thanks Timothy,

God has been answering prayers and yes I'm a little impatient... waiting is hard... I fully expect that God's doing something much greater than what I expect, want or think I need.

You are most welcome David!

Hi Dave -

I have nothing spectacular to offer; but I believe the God's word about prayer not being in vain is true; so I am praying that you will not only continue to find support from friends, but also real work that will make your employers glad they know David Beairsto; and that rest as well as work will follow the pressures you've endured.

Thanks Greg... cute picture...


Across this country, and across the globe, we are lifting you and your family up.  


Father, please quicken Dave to your plan for him.  Let your peace be on him and his family, and give him the wisdom to do what needs to be done to provide for himself and his family.  Open doors and provide him the ability to support not just himself and his family, but to save financially for the future, and to provide for the ministry of his Church family as well.  Jesus, in all things, we pray that your will would be done; use us, and let us be your instruments as well as your Children.  Amen and Amen. 

Thanks Dave...

All of these prayers mean so much to my family...

I agree and Amen!
What are your skills?

Currently I'm leaning all about Internet Marketing... formed my own company because the network marketing businesses all demand this skill anyway... spent 20+ years in telecommunications doing everything including tech writing and training...

In ministry, singing, arranging, writing, composing, playing and leading.

Whew.  You are in a competitive space.  Do you have any sales experience?


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