Sad news.  I handed my resignation to my worship team.  I found it increasingly difficult to do a good job with the way things are run in our church.  For a long time I did it in the hope that my playing and singing was still a blessing to someone, and with the desire to worship God in all I did, but I have just got burnt out by the whole experience.

Anyone else got burnt out in worship playing or leading?  Any thoughts on what happens next?

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You are correct that is is hard to generalise and that should apply to all situations. Either way, just keep pressing into God, as this is the best time for Him to work. My dad told me that if you put your finger in a light socket and you get zapped, and you learn something, that is ok. If you place your finger in there again, you is just plain asking for trouble, sometimes i did ( metaphoricaly speaking). I have taken a beating at church over and over because of someone or other - yes I am slow lol; I learned not to be so thinned skinned about people.

Well I am glad you are not burnt out although may be tired off people, that is natural sometimes. Be blessed and be available, as I know you have a lot to give yet. :)

But, if you already asked God if it's ok to resign before you did then, you placed Him first and not yourself. That's how we grow, when people hurt us over and over and we seek God and not stamp off in a huff or lash out, that is. And if God says sit in the back row and worship Him, I would never have a hassle with that, because that's why I am there, it's His turf anyway ( or should be). 

The term "ego" is two-sided.  Ego means "me."  When I look back at times that led to a parting of ways I see lots of Me in the mix, subtle little ways I get my oar in.  It's easy to see the other person's "me" and not see myself.  The other day I was talking with a fellow and going on with a story of some sort, when he said, "you sure have a lot of teeth in that mouth of yours."  Good cue to let him say a word or two!   But I didn't even know that he said that until my wife told me in the car on the way home.
I Understand Brother,  I will pray that God gives you a peace that surpasses your understanding.  Please pray the same for me.  I need it.
Yup. Been there a couple of times. Only both times I put my music away for a few years. I'm just now starting to pick up some songs to learn. ... I never quit worshiping God, I just wasnt doing so musically. I hope you have an easier time with your situation. It can be difficult.
Can't really put music away - that's pretty important to me.  Was playing the mandola for 20 minutes tonight.  I hope that some day that the music that I can do is useful in a church situation.


  I haven't been on here in a while and just noticed this thread.  I had been on worship teams for over twenty years including leading one at the church we were at before moving here.  About three years ago I threw in the towel after only a year with this church worship team.  I still belong to this congregation and watch from a distance as the worship leader still does the things that caused me to quit. Since that time I have gone through various emotions because music is what God gave me to use in ministry and I felt that I was missing out on the opportunity. I just could not use my talents under his leadership.  But in the last year I have been able to put the resentment aside as opportunities opened up to use my abilities both within this church and outside. Had I still been participating on the team the time constraints would have kept me from the other opportunities. I know that God is working on my personal relationship with Him and this is one way that He is using to get me to pay attention. I may never again lead a worship team or even accompany one, but I still practice new music at home and enjoy a good jam session with friends. One thing that I have come to realize is that God still uses the worship team to bless the people without me and in spite of the way the leader operates.  After all, it's not about me, it's all about Him.  Blessings to you as you move on.


What is it that causes such resentment and conflict? I come away from your post still thinking that this isn't what God wants for his people. It's like I'm seeing a compromise over personal differences and that doesn't seem right.

It isn't what God wants for His people. I chose to resign to avoid further conflict within the team. My personal differences with him did not need to come out in front of the congregation. Does that make me in the wrong? He was removed as leader last week.

Hey, David spent how many years waiting for God's promise to be fulfilled while a bad leader was being worked out of Israel's history. I guess the key is to handle it without resentment or bitterness and to know when to back out and when to battle it.


If he was removed as leader, are you now back to being involved?

That is up to the pastor. He told me he won't put anyone in as worship leader for now. I made myself available. The former leader is still on the team, just not as leader. I'm not sure how that will work.
I hate to see things like this happen. Some part of me still believes it can be changed and avoided, but I also know that some people are completely intractable.

Lately, God has been reminding me that I am not yet perfect.....  It is very easy for me to expect others around me to be perfect, but I have to realize that even the most reliable people in my church have obstacles, bad days, and are doing the best they are able to understand, just like me.  It is a blessing to just worship together, whether it be among the congregation or leading.  And then again.....Spirit led audience to sing in key, is a big 'win-win'.  (:


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