Sad news.  I handed my resignation to my worship team.  I found it increasingly difficult to do a good job with the way things are run in our church.  For a long time I did it in the hope that my playing and singing was still a blessing to someone, and with the desire to worship God in all I did, but I have just got burnt out by the whole experience.

Anyone else got burnt out in worship playing or leading?  Any thoughts on what happens next?

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Recalling Spurgeon's dictum, that anyone in ministry ought to be as innocent as doves, wise as serpents, and have the hide of a rhinoceros.

Remembering also that Spurgeon himself, who ministered to multiplied thousands in Metropolitan Tabernacle in London, was prone to severe depression among other illnesses, which frequently kept him out of the pulpit.

Yes, Sturgeon is a great eggzample.

Just so that you know Allan,  I would be the last person to lay any claim regards spiritual maturity but I wrote on the basis of recovery from a breakdown I suffered that a major factor of was people in church deciding that they needed to give me the benefit of thier superior wisdom and insight. Which remarkably, they gave without any thought or knowledge of the real issues I faced at that time.

Having a thin skin or being immature , didn't feature much in my breakdown. I understand what you are saying and I do believe you have put forward some good points but I'd just like to say in my defence, that my  own struggles and illness at that time had little to do with me being either of those.

Still trying to get back on top of it all really in some ways, the long road of recovery really and it has been some time since I was ill. I'm still staggered by the heartlessness of some 'church' people but I guess they are just as they are and the best thing is just to see things for what they are and not allow them to drag us down.

Neither calling you thin skinned or anything at all Phil, I hope you will accept that, but I will apologised straight up if you took offence at anything  I have said. As to spiritual maturity, I thing if we believe we have it, then we need to look again, as most of us are not there yet, but still trying.

I have just been honest at what I have experienced in my church and my walk. Being ill myself for over 4 years now with 5 stents in the old ticker has limited me great too and the last 8 years suffering at least 2 migraines a week. Been told it is not going to get better back to what I was. To be honest I would love to be in a church that supports and uplifts you no matter where you are in life - never received that and still haven't.

My walk with God has taken a different road than many and even though I love playing bass I have to sit to play as I can't lift it up if I am sitting.

No worries Allan, I'm just in a place where I try to gently change the current 'state of play' within the church. I just wanted to check out my understanding of what you were saying.  I had a notion that you were just 'telling it as it is' rather than trying to make a pointed remark  so to speak.

I do empathise also with your situation,  we can live in hope of being supported better , but I think your view is both realistic and a true picture of where most folk are . Thanks for clarifying that for me Allan , much appreciated ;o) God bless mate

The temptation to offer unsolicited well-meaning advice is one of the most pernicious there is.  I haven't seen too many people lately having unbridled sex in our fellowship time, or racing to the platform to shout heresies, or stealing from the offering plate; but Advice...  yes, it goes on, in our church, in yours, likely in everyone's.

Not surprising that the first book of the Bible to hit print (Job) is largely on that subject.

Is that right, during fellowship time? It's a small wonder it's not the biggest church in the city.

Which, Stevo -- the Advice, or...

Hi Phil,


So glad God is giving you new opportunities. I know what you are saying about folk getting terriorial about their little kingdoms, in fact, we had someone preach on the that very subject last weekend. Believe me, he did not mince his words!



God Bless. Lorraine

Hi Lorraine, yes, it's taken a while but I'm gradually getting back in there ;O)   Hope you are ok

Great to hear it Phil. Yep, I'm Ok thanks.


Take care and God Bless.

I work as an accompanist in a high school choir.  Kids come to this elective class for a variety of reasons -- to learn music, to socialize, to get an easy grade, for the love of music, etc.  But one thing they have in common -- practically every one of them takes a long time learning the fundamentals.  Even good students forget to breathe before a long phrase, or go on "autopilot", their minds elsewhere while they mouth the words without passion.  Church choir members of twenty years' standing have to be told where the repeat goes back to!  And many get through the entire K-through-12 experience never learning basic manners -- one of the goals of kindergarten!

Church being a public place, with all welcome, it's hardly a miracle that we attract a few folks with small minds or hearts.  And sometimes, when the words are not minced, we find we, too, have forgotten what the kindergarten teacher thought she had taught us forever.


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