Sad news.  I handed my resignation to my worship team.  I found it increasingly difficult to do a good job with the way things are run in our church.  For a long time I did it in the hope that my playing and singing was still a blessing to someone, and with the desire to worship God in all I did, but I have just got burnt out by the whole experience.

Anyone else got burnt out in worship playing or leading?  Any thoughts on what happens next?

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I teach pre-school children, and you know, throughout all my training, I have never yet been told to teach the children good basic manners. A sign of the times?  Mind you, I am big on good manners and try to instil anyway. Some of my three year olds tell me that they never say thank you or please to their Mums and Dads and that they don't have to. I find this very sad.


Hey, what am I doing talking shop?  I'm supposed to be having a rare afternoon off work.

 Yes,  I was taught to be a loving person and when I can't muster that to

be polite!  :)

Like our choir teacher says, "Smile -- look happy!  and if you can't, then fake it!"

Don't we spend a great proportion of our lives doing just that? : )

Or, we may be actually happy inside, but we haven't "notified our face."


I've been burned and burned out multiple times.  If there is lingering hurt or resentment, remember that it MUST be dealt with.  Jesus taught that we should reconcile with our brothers before bringing our offering.

Sometimes, though, there is an additional need for a season of healing and rest.  If you are burned out, jumping into a new ministry would be the worst thing you could do.  You will only hurt others and likely hurt yourself and your family.  Healing and rest come from Jesus, not from your ministry.  Your worth and value are in Jesus, not in your ministry.  Ministries fail; Jesus never does.

Many times, we can be burned out in our positions because we carry too much of the load ourselves.  I served under a pastor once who had been at his church for 23 years and had only ONCE taken two consecutive Sunday's off.  Eventually, he became suspicious of others and carefully guarded his "throne" (my wording, not his).  Because he had spent so much time doing everything himself, he did not trust others to do anything.  As such, when a potential leader would show promise, instead of encouraging him, he would beat the leader down.  What this pastor really needed was time away from the church.  He needed a several month long sabbatical, in part to remind himself that the church did not rise and fall on his own efforts, talent, or leadership.  He needed to learn to trust again in the sovereignty of God over that church.

I don't know your specific situation, and I see that your original post is several months old.  I'm hoping that you are in a season of healing, rest, listening, and preparation.  But continually remind yourself of who you are IN CHRIST, and let the Gospel set you straight.


Love in Jesus,



  Been there, done that, still wearing the T-shirt. Don't dispair. I wait, I trust, I trip (then fall), I repent, I wait some more. Not trying to be funny. Just real. One thing I know, God hasn't changed His mind about what He wants me to do.


hi Ian and Jeremy Illg, please make room in that boat....  i just stepped down too - last week after over 12 years leading at my home church.  it wasn't a bad thing, but the frustrations over the years were considered when making the decision that it was time to step down.  this may be nothing new for you, but i'm standing on Jeremiah 29:11, the God knows the plans He has for me, and i can now rest and be still, and know that He is God.  use your free time to rest, recharge, and seek God's will.  think of this time as a new season and a chance for God to open new doors where this door has been closed.  i will pray for both of you in this new season, and that God will give you both discernment on your next steps!

Had this problem with a church.  God called me out to a wonderful team.  The time I spent at the first church was a preparation for the current church.


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