I thought contemporary worship was shallow?! Perhaps we are wrong?

Frequently contemporary worship songs are under fire for being shallow in doctrinal content and meaning. While they may not be as ornately written as some of the traditional hymns out there, they still contain valuable meaning to today's culture (and perhaps in the future as well).


The worship pastor of my church composes a weekly and very well written blog that talks about the week's sermons and and the songs we sang. This isn't your typical set list blog as he digs into some of the deeper meanings and origins of many of today's popular contemporary worship songs.

www.BillHornBand.com is the URL. I'd encourage any worship musician and vocalist to visit his site and gather some of his thoughts on what today's worship music is conveying. I think you'll gather a new appreciation for just how rich these songs are really.


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As as always been the case, some will be good and some will just be meaningful for a very few.


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