When participating in the discussion "Making Church 'Fun'", Cory Zipperle said, "Somebody needs to come up with a Bible MMORPG."  So I thought, why not at least shoot some ideas around?  First of all, if you don't know what MMORPG stands for, it's a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game.  Basically, a bunch of people play online in a game together via computer or other game source (click HERE to get a better idea).  So the idea of a bible mmorpg has been proposed.  What are your thoughts?  For it?  Against it?  If you're for it, what would be some ideas of things you would like to see in a game of this sort?  If you're against it, why?

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Eric, thank you for your words of truth.  The manner in which you have portrayed feel that they are done out of love and I truly appreciate your input as well as the manner in which you delivered it.  Please let me assure you that I have no intentions of releasing such a game.  Even if everything were possible and within my grasp in doing so (game writing, character modeling, software access, computers for testing, etc.), I would imagine that by the time I get to releasing it, the comparison would be similar to comparing World of Warcraft to Pong (W.O.W. being the most current games and Pong being the game that I release)!  I was just wanting to have a fun conversation about what we might see in one, or what would be fun to play if there was one that was released.


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