(this is in the "just for fun category", so let your imagine let lose! Fun & wacky is cool...)


I was thinking of the Bare Naked Ladies song "If I had a million dollars..." today. So I decided to play the "What If" (BTW a great comic book series a long time ago...) game in my head about worship. If I could have one thing for my old worship team, it would be highly skilled contemporary cello player. Maybe someone with a nice Steinberger e-Cello.


Right now I'm fascinated by cello players. I love what One Republic is doing with Brent Kutzle. Along with the original Apologize recording, I love how the Cello is laying down the groove in many of songs on the second album "Waking Up", which largely replaces the prototypical e-bass.


I have to admit a guilty pleasure is finding cello cover bands. I especially like Apocalytica & M-Melo:

I'd incorporate some of the new styles I've seeing where bass players has been replaced with cello player. Using a pulled instrument to convey more emotion and texture than normally associated with e-bass.


So that's my "what if" or "If I had a...". Do you have secret craving? Something you've always wants if you had that instrument, option or tool?

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Hammond B3 type organ, complete with player. (I can do some basic.) Man, we really need that.
Don't stop there! We need '59 Bassman amps with '52 Telecasters.

Hey Greg,

You mentioned: "...If only we were writing our own praise and worship material to sound like Booker T and the MGs instead of playing other people's selections that sound like a crippled version of U2...."


Oooooohhhhh....  I LOVE that idea - YES, YES, YES!!


How do you think it would go over in church - and - have you ever tried?


Good percussionist (to augment to our drummer)

Synth player (rather than pianist who plays keyboard)

Good electric guitarist who can play like Clapton

Vocalists who can sing harmonies that don't cut across each other....

Brass/sax section

Should I go on?!!!


I'm with this guy!
That makes Paul Stookey's request for a hammer sound pretty pallid...
Full time drummer and bassist...we have a fabulous drummer who plays every other week and no bassist at all.  I would also like speakers that work.  We are using our monitors as mains right now because there is no money for new equipment.

I wish I could come play bass for you :-)

We are using two of my personal speakers on one of the three monitor channels for mains at our Church cause the mains stink.

Must be a season of bad main speakers...ha ha!  I also wish you could join us on the bass, thanks!
I'd have to go with a killer electronic drumset and a really nice keyboard. Right now we have a grand piano ( I know,it's tough.... But I really would like to have some options like a B3 sound, string pads, etc... instead of all piano all the time) and an acoustic drum kit.

I would put the guitar amps backstage and mic them up, then it would just be monitor sound on stage, which would help to clean up the sound out front and give a little more life to the Youtube videos of each service (right now it is a board mix with no drums, very little piano and the vocals too hot -- because it's only taking what is needed for the front of house sound and all of the acoustic sound that is coming from the stage is not captured... not ideal).

Also I would get new mic stands (someone using the sanctuary last week managed to break both of our good boom stands... )

Good leader, I am the organizer, I can organize, but not figure out keys, make arrangements, and all that.

triple screen projection, I love tech geeky stuff.

A special computer system that automatically reads the minds of every person playing/singing, does automatic backing tracks, and gives everyone in the congregation the sound they want at the level they want.


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