(this is in the "just for fun category", so let your imagine let lose! Fun & wacky is cool...)


I was thinking of the Bare Naked Ladies song "If I had a million dollars..." today. So I decided to play the "What If" (BTW a great comic book series a long time ago...) game in my head about worship. If I could have one thing for my old worship team, it would be highly skilled contemporary cello player. Maybe someone with a nice Steinberger e-Cello.


Right now I'm fascinated by cello players. I love what One Republic is doing with Brent Kutzle. Along with the original Apologize recording, I love how the Cello is laying down the groove in many of songs on the second album "Waking Up", which largely replaces the prototypical e-bass.


I have to admit a guilty pleasure is finding cello cover bands. I especially like Apocalytica & M-Melo:

I'd incorporate some of the new styles I've seeing where bass players has been replaced with cello player. Using a pulled instrument to convey more emotion and texture than normally associated with e-bass.


So that's my "what if" or "If I had a...". Do you have secret craving? Something you've always wants if you had that instrument, option or tool?

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What a cool world we live in today, that you can turn anything into a Leslie.

Actually, just moving around in church gives you a personal Doppler effect (I always loved what processing in a choir did to the sound of the organ as you moved and changed directions).  Good reason to not just stand there like a totem pole.

So you're advocating putting the band in the middle and the congregation on a rotating platter?


No, actually, Leslie with a guitar doesn't compete with the organ, it has it's own distinct sound. It's a great guitar effect that has been used since the 60's.

What is this thing about the guitarist always wanting to do a solo - I thought it was about God , and not a performance. Guess everyone wants to let their hair down , so to speak, but still nice to have guitarists that can really play well.
Is that true? I know it's a typical rock thing, but does it also come up a lot in worship situations?

Seems too, not sure why though. I seen it happen with some Hammond B3 players too lol - we all succome to " getting into it" I guess.

I am all for having some fun and enjoying my music, but there has to be some limit. We had a guitarist who loved playing as many notes as he could in a song, a few years back now. He lost interest when asked to play less, but more expressively - oh well, he was a good player though.

I like to compare David Gilmour to Paul Gilbert. The former is tasteful and expressive and is sold out to the song, not his solo. The latter is nothing more than a style-impoverished speed player.
Why do guys talk about letting their hair down?
Maybe they wish they had it?


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