Has anyone tried the IHOP worship model with their congregations? How did it go? How did you keep the musicians on the same page?
I am feeling very led to try it but it terrifies me to think of leading a band without charts or a plan. I realize those guys at IHOP spend 30+ hours a week in prayer and that makes a world of a difference but if anyone has a practical experience, I for one would love to hear about it.

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Terry for 10 years these folks have been worshipping round the clock without ceasing and even if it isn't your cup of tea it is still amazing and it is a calling that has been put on these guys. they are missionaries and are supported just like any other missionary but the main thing they do is intercede and worship. they are required to spend 30 + hours per week in the prayer foom and at least 10 hours serving outside the PR. Everyone I have met who has gone there comes back changed, in a good way. Maybe you need to take a trip out there and experience it 1st hand not over the net
To be honest it was really hard, because I was into keeping things in order. I came into worship leading without planning what songs we would do and when homegroup came along, I pick them on the day and it seemed to work. I don't believe I can do this all the time, because in time I will have to sit and plan things, but still be open for the Holy Spirit to change things. That has happened as well and it has been great. When we did the IHOP worship the other day, I picked scriptures that was well known and we went along with that. Amazing when you sing into the scriptures the effect it has on a person
But it's not a church. And the music isn't for the benefit of the 'congregation'. It's not meant to be entertainment for the people who show up either. It goes on for God, whether there's anyone there or not. And for some of the smaller Houses of Prayer, quite often there is no one there. That's not the point, it seems to me.
Dorothy you are so right in saying that it isn't for the entertainment of the church, no worship of any sort should be about that but it does benefit the church, those who really engage with the Holy Spirit through the worship round the throne. Yes it goes on no matter who is or isn't there. It really is amazing to see the calling on these lives who dedicate themselves to this ministry. We at my church have had a 24/7 prayer ministry going for a couple of years now and have tried a few attempts at 24 worship as well and it was so difficult to get people to commit to coming to worship for 2 hr slots, I am just awed at what IHOP is and has done over the past 10 yrs!
Yes, two hours is quite a chunk of time, isn't it? Without training and practice many would find that very hard. (Me too!) Have you thought of asking them to do shorter slots? Or are you committed to the IHOP structure?

I've dreamed about IHOP 24/7 worship going on in our town, or even the nearest city, because of the effect I think it would have on the musicians and intercessors doing the worship. But I think it probably remains a dream.

I agree that it would benefit the wider church to have passionate worshippers who engaged in a wholehearted way. I guess I meant that what goes on in houses of prayer isn't for spectators (I'm uncomfortable with the live feeds for that reason). That's why watching for 12 minutes and thinking, 'Good grief, they haven't changed the song yet' is missing the point. It's not expected that the people who are there, who aren't in the team, would stand and sing the same song for 12 minutes. that's not what it's for.

I'm probably doing a really bad job of explaining. Should probably leave that to those who've DONE the training! LOL!
I am deeply blessed by the live feed but as our friend who stopped by to see what it was about experienced, it is not for the un-indoctrinated. We chose 2 hr slots because once you get in there 2 hours fly by and most people end up staying longer than two hours. I was there for about 16 of the 24 hours last time we did it and it was such a blessing to be able to focus on the Lord in such a uninterrupted fashion.
Dee - a little something to feed into the Lifesongs and possibly wider mix - how about a Bicester worship day (or even weekend) with worship happening for 24 or 48 hours? Not to follow the IHOP model at all, but maybe different churches all feeding into it?

There's something to incubate (I'll be off here for the next day or so, but will pick up emails if you want to discuss it further).
Terry, you're over thinking it. Take your mind off judging the "technical" and just jump into the river. I'm not offended by your cartoon comment, either, but this style of worship is totally not what you think it is, or you'd see that it's actually pretty awesome.
Hey - I don't know if this would help at all, or if you've found your answer, but I'm an intern at Teen Mania Ministries, and have experienced Harp and Bowl (the name of IHOP's worship style) a number of times, and helped lead it with groups of friends during the weekends on occasion. Harp and Bowl is difficult to lead people into if they don't want to worship - It really is about prayer and intercession being mixed with heartfelt worship, but I know God uses it and delights in our hearts regardless!

The motivation of Harp and Bowl is enjoyable prayer - Psalm 16:11, Revelation 5:8 is where the name comes from - ""When He had taken the book, the four living creatures and the twenty-four elders fell down before the Lamb, each one holding a harp and golden bowls full of incense, which are the prayers of the saints."" It's a mixture of prayer (the bowl) and music (the harp).

This link http://www.blaiseforet.com/sermons/?ccm_paging_p=2 is to a sermon page of Blaise Foret, a friend of Teen Mania (he's been involved with us for a while) and there is a sermon called 'Worship and Intercession-Harp and Bowl' that I heard that taught me a lot about leading this style of worship. If you want to do it, don't be afraid! Just understand it and the heart behind it, and why God might be wanting you to use it in your congregation!

Hope that helps you out!

Interesting comments. I've not met this specifically, but my preference in worship is to have a song to start the church off and then see where the Spirit leads, rather than working through a set. Worship with less set structure can allow the congregation to be more involved in the process of worship, rather than watching and singing along alone.
The band that I'm in has an IHOP-type flavor (www.arielrising.com). I also lead soaking worship, which has that same kind of Harp and Bowl/IHOP style. What is soaking? Well, it's drawing close to Jesus through worship, receiving His love and mercies and even prophetic word over you, and not feel like you have to "do" anything active such as interceding or praying or even worshiping. Soaking can be instrumental, or with lyrics. It can be one musician or an entire band. It can also be with just speaking scripture, or even silence at times. Some folks draw or paint during soaking. Some dance with worship flags. Some lay down. Some don't... you get the picture. It looks different for each person. I want to clarify that it is NOT new-agey, as some who do not understand it would have you to think.

Anyway, echoing a couple of the responses below, if you know your team and you're genuinely prayed up, then it's actually very easy to get off music and just flow. It's easi-EST when you flow with the Holy Spirit, and not where *you* want to take it. ;-) ... I encourage you to spend some time watching either the live web streams or archives of IHOP. Play/worship along with them, to get into the swing of it. Even though they are very well practiced, they are also incredibly flexible. It's just something you have to practice doing and eventually the fear will fade away and it will become second nature.

I'm also happy to answer any questions if you have them.


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