Dear All,

Wanted to reach out to the community on suggestions / advise on in-ear monitors for worship teams.

We will be using digital system for the first time in our church and we tried using over the ear headphones. Was good experience, but it looks bulky.

Let us know your thoughts.

Thank You


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Hey Vin and welcome to WTR!

You'll find this topic is mostly opinions and personal preferences, but it's still helpful to get various inputs! Personally I use Westone UM Pro 10 in-ears. Nothing fancy, but they work well and are only about $100. I like to keep one in and one out so I can hear some of the ambient sound too.

hello Nathan,

the westone looks good.  we are also trying to see if we can order in bulk and try and get some discount for our worship teams.

As a guitar player, I have a fairly strong dislike of IEMs. They can work OK, but for me they cut off too much of what's going on with the band & congregation and are too dependent on the sound person getting it right. Where I've used them, like Nathan, I've had 1 in and 1 out so I can follow what's really happening. Over-ear or in ear didn't make much difference.

In our case, our church hall setting is such that the monitors add more to the noise than the FOH speakers.  Yes Noise, cos Monitor output is unbalanced for the congregation.  The bass tones just go on and on, and no kill for those.  We were using analog board.

now we have a digital board with 8 channel Personal monitors that support IEM.  So the attempt is the reduce the stage monitor levels and let each one choose what he/she wants to hear and how much of it.  They can have their own IEM mix. Some dont want much crash but more kick or snare, and etc etc.



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