IN UNDER 30 WORDS - What's the difference between a "Worship Leader" and a "Lead Worshiper".

Recently I saw a comment on Facebook (in response to a discussion on how to better facilitate congregational worship) that said:

"Be a lead worshiper not a worship leader. There is a difference."

It got me thinking, what is the difference?

I'm not looking for a 6 paragraph answer that will have me reaching for a commentary, but something that can be applied at 10am on a Sunday morning when we're getting ready to lead our church into Gods presence. (hence 30 words or less).

Thanks guys!

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A lead worshiper is very fond of cables?

(To be honest, I don't think the distinction is all that important).

Hmmm.     Maybe the person was implying a Lead Worshiper was definitely engaged in worshipping

but a Worship Leader may not be (they might be leading but not necessarily actually worshiping).

Thats the only thing that comes to mind that might be why they said there was a difference.

Just a guess... 

Idk what he means either, there's no distinction here. There's nothing wrong with being a worship leader. That's our job- lead people to worship.

I would like to ask this person and see what he means...

I'm with Roscoe on this. The whole concept of lead worshipper seems to imply that:

1) as long as *I* worship, that's all it takes for things to magically work out;

2) MY worship is the most important thing, too bad for the rest of the congregation if they cannot appreciate MY worship...

As you can guess I am not a fan of that concept. Take the lead, for crying out loud, and if things didn't work out, take the responsibility, as the leader, for making it work better the next time. And sometimes that might just mean doing what Greg said, picking songs that better serve the needs of the congregation. :)

Lead worshiper stands up front and worships; worship leader takes care of the logistics and organizing to make it happen.  Not sure I agree with that statement.

Semantics.  The person loves God and is a good leader, or is a good leader and loves God.  You can do both at the same time.

A one-word answer and a twenty-five word answer.

I get really irritated by people who switch words around and try to make everyone think a well-known concept is backwards.  I know what the guy (no lady would debase herself to this kind of thing) is trying to get across - that worshiping God is more central to life than leadership.  Duh, we know that.  Scott Adams (Dilbert) is an atheist and he knows that.  He puts leadership somewhere between holocaust and Hitler on his list of good things about the world.

Just worship lead, or lead worship and do it for God, the church and the world, and out of a pure loving heart, and you will do just fine, and forget the know-it-alls who ruin your day with word games. 

Not know-it-alls.  Bullies.

Someone is trying a little too hard.

I think I can read the unwritten text, of concern over superstars under spotlights and with smoke-filled stages vs those whose focus is God. Reality is a little greyer than that, especially when you can't see into people's hearts and trying to make a judgement on performance. It's the wrong question, really, and 42 isn't the answer.

OTOH if you're trying to discuss how to best facilitate congregational worship, the answer is probably to find out what helps people to draw closer to God in worship and then work on that: likely to be a mixture of education, faith building, raising expectation and appropriate framework. Not playing so badly it puts people off and not playing so well that their participation spoils the performance may also help.

Sorry to break your 30-word limit.  ;-)

Now that I've played Dr. Grumpy, I'll try to give some positive input.

If I were interpreting this mystical quote in its best connotation, I might tell the congregation something like:

"You might wonder why I'm up here leading worship.  Your grandparents worshiped God just fine with just the sound of the organ and the other church members who knew how to read the notes in the hymn book.  But we've got a lot of new songs today, so we have praise teams singing out loud through microphones so you easily hear how the song goes.  We try to make it understandable and beautiful. That makes us worship leaders; we're here to help you sing.  But we can also be called lead worshipers.  That doesn't mean that we know how to worship God better than you; all I can do is be one more person worship almighty God.  I cease to be a teacher or a parent or a pastor, because I need to be learning, absorbing, taking joy in the presence of God as much as you.  So I may be a leader, but I don't see you as cattle to be driven to worship; you are free people, free to worship the Lord in spirit and in truth!  I'll just make sure we are on the same chord when the song is over."

That, at least, is one way of saying it.  But YOU mentioned that it got you thinking, so you are already thinking - which means that you are cdapable of saying what you need to say on this subject in your own words, which will work WAY better than mine (not that someone on this site may come up with a quotable gem).  But your words will likely be those best to communicate your intense personal thoughts ab out the matters of leading and worship to the people you love.

Every member of the worship team is a worship leader. The lead worshiper is the person who facilitates the worship team and congregation. Another answer could be that we are all worship leaders and Jesus is our lead worshiper and we can not be effective without His leadership.

Thanks for all your thoughts.

Don't get me wrong, this isn't something I have sat up at night and stressed over.  When I say, "It got me thinking" I mean that rather than the usual scroll through Facebook, this particular comment made me pause for a few seconds and consider.

if it is all about a title, then they're both wrong.  If it's all about heart then neither matter.

I just want to lead people into Gods presence - plain and simple.

I like this label - lead worshipper.

Since worship is an act of the heart, we can't see it. We can see what a worship leader does - she leads music, prays, prophecies, or whatever, to help people come near to God. A lead worshipper just worships, while attempting to do so in a way that other people can see, and follow along.

And as others have already written, it all ends up looking quite similar, but still the label is an inspiration for me.

The term "Lead worshiper" tries to combat perceived haughtiness in the leader or leader-fixation in the congregation.  Does it?  Anybody's guess.  Just another buzzword, I think.


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