Hi guys,

What is the process for getting copywrite for a song? Our worship group wrote a song, which is mainly Scriptural with a few tinkered parts, and our own melody but we are new to this, so any advice is gratefully received!

Thanking you in advance,

Kellyann x

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If you're in the U.S., the only official way to obtain a copyright for a song is to register it with the U.S. Copyright office.
All the particulars are at

Sorry, Alex, forgot to say I'm in UK :)
In the U.K. there is no official government registry of copyrights as there is in the U.S., so it's up to the songwriter to furnish proof of when you wrote the song.

Some people do that by mailing themselves a copy of the song in a sealed envelope (with the postmark constituting proof of when the letter was mailed), or you can have a copy of the song notarized (which always includes the date on which the notary sealed the document).

Information on patents and copyrights for U.K. citizens is on the web site of the U.K.'s Intellectual Property Office:
Alex, thanks for posting this info. We just went through the process in the US but I had no idea of the info. you just shared. All the best Kellyann.
check out ASCAP

In the UK the PRS can deal with copyright. I think they charge though, but it's legally secure and they can dish out roylties if anyone uses your songs:




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