Introduction - and music notation/transcription services for original Christian songs (lead sheets etc.)

Hello all - I am new here and am a long-time church band musician/songwriter in Madison, WI. I am looking forward to finding some new songs. I do lots of music in both church and in the secular world...everything from Christian to country to jazz to classical.

If anyone is in need of charts/scores for your songs, I do that as a freelance. I can transcribe from audio alone and deliver finished products as PDF files ready for you to share or post on your website alongside your MP3s, etc. I enjoy working with other Christian songwriters to get their songs in shareable form! (In my own church band half of the musicians require music with vocal melody and harmonies notated, and others just want lyrics/chords...I can do whatever is needed including writing out important riffs for the instrumentalists.)



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Where i play in church we have been together long enough to improvise as we go.While we have chord sheets with lyrics we usually change a thing or two when we rehearse about an hour before church.That can all change  again while we are playing!LOL It is a Pleasure to meet you!


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