Ipad as a music stand: PFD vs PCO "Music Stand" App (Any experience/thoughts?)

I have been using my ipad as a music stand for the past two weeks. Ihave been importing my PCO (Planning Center Online) song book (pdf) into ibooks to view my music. It's been working out pretty well. However, I was wondering if any of you have any experience on using the Music Stand App... What do you see as being the pros and cons?

Thanks for the help!

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I tried the PCO music stand app, but found it a little lacking if I needed to pull a last minute request/change up really quick - or when I needed to make notes/mark my PDFs.

I settled on an app called GigBook (by Deep Dish Software). It's really flexible, and has been really helpful. The latest incarnation allows for adding notes/highlighting your charts. Very helpful when you need to highlight a trouble spot or make a quick reminder about the arrangement. Also, because I use Sibelius as my notation software, Avid Scorch has been a great (free) addition to my iPad. It allows me to pull up an Sibelius file, view it, transpose, listen to it, et al.

I keep all my charts in Dropbox, and with Dropbox on my iPad I can always get to all of my charts without too much fuss.

Hope that helps.

OnSong allows you to transpose and edit. It like it, but it's not been quite reliable. It crashes way too often. So I still can't look forward to using it as a live performance tool.

I just checked out OnSong. It's pretty cool. I'd use it if we did chord charts in our band. We're fortunate enough to have professional musicians in our worship band, so we all read leadsheets, which is where GigBook shines. There doesn't seem to be a way to import leadsheets into OnSong, but GigBook does allow you to do chord charts...though it's not quite as robust in that area as OnSong is. It was really conceived as a way to store leadsheets/charts and work with them quickly.

I guess it comes down to your needs.

OnSong can take several formats including PDF and Tif, so you can import lead sheets. If / when I go to an iPad, I'll probably had for OnSong and hope it's gotten more stable by that time. The beauty of it is the ability to transpose chord charts AND make edits on the fly.

I think one of the main advantages to PDFs over PCO is the ability to add in additional material such as scripture readings, quotes, etc...

Yes. And GigBook does that very fluidly. In fact, when you create a set list, you can insert PDF notes or create "set list items" which are basically notes placed in the appropriate place in the set flow. I often copy verses from my Bible app (YouVersion.com) and insert in the proper place in the set with additional thoughts on what I wanted to say.

I also use these "set list items" to put notes in the set about special changes to the flow (guest testimony, special reading, et al). They are set list specific so I never have to worry about them showing up elsewhere unexpectedly.

Thanks man!

I'll take a look.


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