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Didn't know about the crashing issues OnSong.  I know about it's transposition capabilities, and so that's why I gave it a thumbs up.  You touched on THE KEY issue however.  It ABSOLUTELY can't crash during worship.  That's why the app I use doesn't have more features than necessary.  No connectivity with other band members or any of that.  It just manages the sheet music, let's you make annotations, and use a wireless pedal to turn pages. But most importantly, it doesn't crash!!!


As for the crashing, I usually have the song well enough that the chart is just a reference anyway.  I find that playing to charts all the time makes you a slave to them.  When I learn new songs I do it by ear, even if I have a chart.  If I do it by ear my brain remembers it.  If I do it to the chart I always need the chart.

I don't have that much organic RAM...

A gift, to be sure!

You can believe I'm keeping my eye on it. It's got a lot of potential. But crashing - can't be all that hard to fix. And yet, there are dozens of IOS apps that spontaneously combust without warning.

Crashing is not good when you depend on it for live worship.

Here's a challenge for you - try to crash this new little iPad app from

RESOUNDworship Songbook

It's a self-contained songbook with all the songs from resound. Chords are transposable and you can use the sheet music too.

Isn't that kind of limited? Would that they would link to the CCLI library.

It is less limited than pdf digital songbooks you buy from other publishers :)

There's a generic version coming out soon to integrate with Power Music.

Linking to the CCLI library is not that straightforward unless you only want lyrics, or images of chord charts.

What the boy needs is one that allows transposition and isn't limited to PDF - can read score, can read Chord Pro format, can use PDF or whatever. I never use the songs exactly as they're published. So I need to import PDFs or some kind of text file that I can then transpose on the spot since we sometimes find ourselves changing the key during rehearsal.

I bought an ipad 1, secondhand, just for this. The 16gb has loads of space if you only want to have your music pdfs on it, with space left over for Bible apps and other apps. It is brilliant. The other members of our band have now got one each too. We can share files by bluetooth on the spot, or even whole setlists, or else by email. There are great music reading apps available - we use Unreal Book which allows you to annotate straight onto the ipad freehand or with text. If you're in several bands it is wonderful as all your music is there in the ipad and just a click away, easily searchable. Go for it!

Here's another great app - from Innervation:


Backing tracks with lots of options, display lyrics/chords, choice of backgrounds. Moves seamlessly from one section of the song to another section of your choice.

The app is free but you pay for the content.

The app is free but you pay for the content.

That's the typical rub with the free apps. Sort of locks you in.


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