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I have used my ipad to show chord charts for a conference I attended last year.  My good friend Ben Juster (inactive member here) uses a program in his congregation called OnSong. So for the team he put together, he sent us all OnSong files for the music. He uses a bluetooth foot switch to change pages but I have not used OnSong enough other than the conference to warrant the expense of the foot switch.

Beyond that, a couple of years ago I broke my left arm and could not play bass for about 2 months. So I used the bass in GarageBand and played it with my right hand.  My wife could tell the difference but she may have been the only one.

I really love the app "Anytune".
I use it lots for practicing songs we do at our church because I can take a song (that I have downloaded to my IPad) and put it in different keys, do loops etc.
It has made practicing so much more enjoyable and productive.


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