I'm looking for an iPhone/iPad app that features a quick way to rewind the song. I really want it to have a 5 or 10 second rewind button (user variable would be even better). I've tried the ones that do an A/B set point, but even that is cumbersome. I use the iPhone/iPad for rehearsal and when the team wants to catch just a phrase, this feature would be great.

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Do you mean for recording and listening back, or a song you're trying to emulate? 

Also, so I don't offer bogus advice, what apps have you looked at? I've used almost every ipad/iphone recording app that's out there...

For listening back....I have Simple A/B Repeat and Robick, and have searched iTunes numerous times for one like I described, but so far are all variations of A/B Repeat. The best description for what I'd like is similar to the 30 second rewind in the iTunes Podcast player. To have a few pre-set or user variable options on the screen with a fair sized icon would be just right.

Man, you need a multitrack. Go for Multitrack DAW by HarmonicDog.


It's in the app store, not sure how much, but having tried so many, it's the one I always go for. Transport is simple and works well, especially on an iPad.


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