Is it important for a Worship leaders to manage as well as lead?

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As a worhsip director and leader I think it is imperative to have some people management skills as there are so many issues that arise that need to be handled in a skilled manner. When peoples' ministries, egos, skill level, etc are involved you really need to have a defined mangement style and your team should know that it is consistent. Vision casting and making sure that your team(s) know what God has placed in your heart is important element of communication. Team meetings are important with open conversation of what is working and what is not, get your team into the solutions of what is not, bring them on board, realizing that you are probably not going to make everyone happy, but God has placed you in the position you are in for a reason. Kinda of rambling as this issue is near and dear to my heart. I have two other worship leaders that we use that I am currently working with to have them take a more active role in leadership of their teams - Are jobs are to make the teams successful - Paul in Romans is a great example of dynamic leadership in the opening chapter.

enough for now as this is my first post - newbie

Welcome to WorshipTheRock Weldon. It's a great place to learn and also help
others learn, to be the best we can at what we love to do...Worship and play music!
Thanks, Diana, I have been trying to catch up on some of the conversations and some are eye openers...

Absolutely 100%!
Justin nailed can't lead effectively for any prolonged period without being able to manage.

What are you managing? Things? Schedules? People? I'm not sure that managing equipment should be a necessity for worship leaders. :) People? Yes. If you can think a little ahead and anticipate the needs of the people on the worship team, you'll be able to think ahead and anticipate the needs of the congregation and your pastor. And that's always useful.
I am managing people. Well have struggle with managing a few team member who doesn't want me to manage them. I found it very challenging to be called to a place that is totally out of my comfort zone to lead a people who are not comfortable with me leading them. Culturally speaking. I am from the north, living in the south. I am Black in a all white church. Here in this part of North Carolina is a great separation in churches. I am feeling the effect of this segregation. I was recently told by my pastor That I don' t have the ability to manage. I was probably not raise with that ability. He decided to take that part away from me and hire someone else. I have been doing the worship planning, music selections and rehearsal......The service has never suffered but the worship has a problem with me. How do I supposedly handle that?
Wow, Valerie. that must be an uncomfortable place for you. Do You feel called to the position you are in? if so, then I think you should give it a go and let God lead the way for you. In a practical sense there are leadership seminars and resources available to help you. When you have to "lead" those that don't want you to lead them, humility and openess is a great allie. One other idea is leadership takes time, not only how long it takes to become effective but the amount of time that you have to spend each day. Praying for your team, serving them, showing them the effort that you are willing to put into making them as sucessful as they can be goes along way into winning your team over. I do use team alot and when communicating with them will capitalize it.That is my management style that has worked not only with the worship teams but also with my work. One thing I would have probably asked the pastor for is some mentorship before throwing in the towel.

Just my .02 . good luck



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