The 9th commandment is pretty clear, but is it OK to tell little white lies to protect the innocent, save face, or keep your popularity?

I say no, but let me give you an example.

You have someone who sings on your worship team. He/she has a heart of gold and is a good friend, but he/she can't sing!!!! Should you say, that was excellent singing you did? Great job?


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I think it is up to church leadership, no matter which area, to make sure that the right people are in the right place.
If God has not gifted someone in the area in which they are serving, then there could be two problems.
that area of service could be negatively affected due someone who is not capable of performing in that area. Even if they feel that God has called them to serve in that capacity. secondly, what about the person who has been gifted in that area and cannot serve because someone who is not gifted has taken on that roll.
We all are commanded to be honest. To live and tell truth. No one wins when we make allowances for sin...and the Bible tells us it is sin. That being said, the tongue is a sword, so we need to be careful about HOW we tell the truth.
My thoughts
As a worship leader, I tell my people that one of the cornerstones of what we do is honest musical evaluation. Nothing good comes when we deviate from this. The quality of what we do suffers, those who are observant see what is not being said and we become codependent enablers.

Hard truths must be expressed one on one, in private, so as to avoid an uncomfortable situation in front of the team and robbing an individual of their dignity. There's a big difference between telling your drummer he's dragging the tempo and telling a singer they cannot sing.

Identify the musical issues with your singer and formulate a game plan to fix it. If you don't have that capacity, acknowledge it to the individual and say for that reason, it may be beneficial for them to step down ... Or ... agree to do some research together to find some materials that will better the individual as a musician and singer.

We should desire to grow in our service. Willingness to do our work to improve our service speaks volumes as to our commitment.
Thanks all.

From what I am hearing, I am not the leader, so any issues I may see or hear, I might just leave it alone. I think it will work itself out. If I really think the truth needs to be known, I may talk with the WL in private about any situations.

Good call, Dan. Your WL would appreciate that private conversation, as you may be able to point out a) an issue that either he wasn't aware off or b) an issue he is struggling with but didn't now how to resolve. Knowing that others see as well may be a help to him.

Secondly, he may be able to explain why he's not dealing with the issue, and that may give you some resolution to it. Or not! But at least you were able to talk about it, and in a proper setting.

God bless.


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