Some old..(I mean aged Christians like my grandma and my Dad)..said that listening to Rock Christian songs is not even a song for god because of its loud noisy type of music...But If you ask me..It's not about the loud music..It's about your way of expressing your love to the father using this kind of music..What are your thoughts on that brothers and sisters...

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Ha ha! The thought of playing Battery with Christian lyrics in church made me laugh! I'd love to see the pastor's face if we tried that one!
No I know that is what I am saying. I guess it goes back to the worship team I was talking about. They throw in guitar solos, with crashing the cymbals with the neck of the guitar. They do like kicks, and just vie for the audiences attention. When I think you should just give all of your attention to God, and he will do the rest while you play. I have no problem with a lick, or a solo here and there, but when you are just on the worship team so you have a venue to do so, that is where I think it is too much. I do like the people in Worship who give it there all and there all is very technical and can put solos in places and that is amazing. Sometimes, when I play I get so invoked with trying to make sure I don't mess up and that's when I do. I have a lot of comments here so sorry, it is maybe scatter brained, but that's me haha.
I think we can say that there is a difference between using a certain style of music in church and using a lot of "showmanship" to deliver it. Best to leave the showmanship for a different stage...let's focus ourselves and the congregation towards our Father. As has been said many times on these forums, let's point the people towards God and then step out of the way.
I know what you mean about concentrating on trying to get all your notes right. I used to worry a bit and get all nervous before the service, but to be honest it never bothers me now. I always go wrong every week and I may know, and the band may know, but no one else does, and I don't care if they do notice or not. They don't come up to me after the service and point out all my errors. They usually encourage me, and I imagine that's what most people in congregations do. I hope that's the same for you.
Rick, I like that.
Oh man, this could be a fun can of worms to open...

Every form and mode of music expresses a feeling and a message simultaneously. I think it's best for the two to match and be in harmony - the one reinforces the other. Rock strikes me as a great way to express praise and adoration toward God. You can't get loud enough when you're giving God praise! After all, we cheer and holler at our favorite football teams, how much more to God!
Stevo, I agree... this could be fun. One thing that hasn't been brought up... unless I missed it, is that the line between "worship music" and "rock music" has been blurred. Hillsong, or United, Desperation Band and Planetshakers... among others are very much rock.
Yes yes and yes. Course it's good. The style of music is totally not the issue, it's the heart of the people worshipping that counts.

Some kinds of musics have cultural elements to them that ARE opposed to the Spirit of Christ, they need to be forsaken but I am CONVINCED that in time the style itself can be used. I think it's a question of avoid what you can't deal with, play to your strengths and at right time Father will deliver you of the things that you fear. Do what Holy Spirit says (always check with Scripture!) and you can't go far wrong.


I gotta tell you - generation is irrelevant. Over the past 5 years, my congregation has been introduced slowly and steadily to a solid mixed diet of hymns and modern worship. I've steadily increased the number of quality modern worship songs to the point of playing some pretty strong stuff and they all seem to be edified by it. I've watched the older people go from watching to singing to holding their hands up and closing their eyes when they sing. Good music transcends age!

PS - we still do half hymns and half modern.
Stevo - like it. Take care

Sounds like you been making some good progress, Stevo. Blessings on you!
I'm always wary when things seem to be going well...


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