I'm not asking this idly...the two closest elementary schools to our church have been closed by the county health department as a precautionary measure.

With that in mind, we've made a few tweaks in our service for tomorrow;

* For communion, we will drag out the trays with the little communion cups out of storage...we've been serving communion by intinction (or as one of our elders used to say, "the rip-and-dip method."), but we have decided that it's a bit safer to have each person with their own cup.

* for our time of greeting, we're going to encourage folks not to be hugging each other...yeah we'll see how well that goes over.

Nothing earth shattering, but some changes all the same...anyone else been impacted?

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Over at my side, the biggest change is that they are now taking the temp of the kids before they go into children's church. We're kinda prepared with the procedures, Singapore is small so it's easier to get things organized. When we had the SARS farce I had sermon upon sermon on divine protection, so I hope I won't get those again! :)
Looks like the health department is allowing the schools to reopen. I did have one member come up to me after the service and thank me for having given some thought to the situation...couldn't take credit, as one of the pastors mentioned it first...but this lady was thankful nonetheless...
Remember that bird flu a few years back?......Everybody was all freaked out, the media had a circus, doctors made a fortune, people got sick from taking medication that they did not need because they feared something that WAS NOT HAPPENING. Then, as quickly as the 'rumours' started.....it all just disappeared and nobody talked anymore about it. Yes....this could be true.....along with the other thousands of reasons that we should live in fear. If any of these things do happen......I sure am glad that I am not just this physical man. With the Living God...in our lives......what should we fear? "Whosoever beleives in Him should not perish." This is yet another thing for people to see...that they should not put their trust in the things of this world. We have tsunamis, earthquakes, wars, pestilence, planes crashing into buildings, fear of terrorism..... And yet, most of this world still does not turn to God. What more must happen, before the world repents? More will come.
Mercola talked about it on his site. I like his attitude and perspectives. It does make me look weird to the panic-prone church people though, when I suggest that maybe problems aren't as bad as people think... :)
Yes...but whether or not it turns out to be real....If you are not panicked...and are centered on the Rock....You will be in a position to help people with their fears, however patiently.
Agreed, there Robert. We were trying to strike a balance between ignoring the issue (hard to do based on the direct educational impact on our community) and running around like the sky was falling (just plain stoooopid), and I think folks appreciated that we at least gave it some thought...a couple of simple changes, and a fair bit of prayer for our schools.
The one thing that I would add, Dan, is that hugs are probably going to spread less germs than hand shakes. Discourage the holy kiss and the hand shake!!!
We also have hand sanitizer available.
BTW, we sent out an email to the regulars saying that if an epidemic broke out, we would do a live feed via our church's youtube channel so that we could still "meet" "together"!!


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