Is there "dust on your shoes?" What opportunities are coming up this year to "get dirty for Jesus", to show your faith through works?

The book of James is famous for its reminder that "faith without works is dead."
I listened to an interview recently where the guest speaker spoke about the idea of "Is there dust on my shoes?" In other words, we can walk around in our good clothes and enjoy the 'tour', or we can step off the groomed path and get our shoes dirty as we experience life close-up.

How about you? How are you planning to put your faith into action in 2010? It may be a missions trip or maybe it's helping a neighbor clean their garage. Let's share our ideas.

I'll start: My 20-year-old daughter and I just booked plane tickets to Mozambique for a month-long mission's trip. We're going to visit a mission station where my niece is a nurse and just help where we can.

Who's next?

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Just an update on what started this's two weeks to the day until my daughter and I leave for Mozambique. I hear the dust out there is red! We'll have a whole month to find out.

Any thoughts on how best to show grace through works in a third world country? Anybody been to Moz before? I don't speak Portuguese, so I won't be carrying on too many deep conversations!


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