I was browsing around in CCLI's Song Select today and came across this lyric.
Not sure what is doing listed with worship songs. I can't even figure out what the lyrics are supposed to mean, or imagine singing it in church. In fact, if I didn't know it was written by Christians, I would be led to believe that they had been partaking of illegal substances while writing the lyrics. But, you can even download the chord chart from CCLI.
Am I the only one who finds this strange?
Ps. Try to figure out who 'you' is supposed to refer to in the song...

Chorus 1
Ha ya
Ya ya ya ya
Ya ya ya ya
I'm not backin' down
Ha ya
Ya ya ya ya
Ya ya ya ya
I'm not backin' down

Verse 1
I feel lonely
When it's you I miss
I feel crazy
When I dream like this
I've traveled all this way
For just one kiss
Is it bliss
Is it bliss
Yes it is
Rock and roll is ev'rything
Ev'rything to a lonely man
And never will I bow to you

Verse 2
Take me to the place
Where eagles fly
Where my love for you
I never can deny
If I'm right then you are wrong
If I'm wrong then I really lived
And if I die with no reward
Then I know I have peace
'Cause I carried the sword

It's the simple things that satisfy
Keep my feet on the ground
And my head in the sky
I love you more than I can say
And I won't change my mind
On the choices I've made

Authors: Martin Smith
Stuart Garrard

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Yes, it would be interesting to know, Linda. There don't seem to be enough clear clues within the song itself to determine what the writer was trying to say.
I think that some Christian recording artists throw everything they record into CCLI whether it's an appropriate congregational song or not. Someone may use this but I think there are much better choices out there.
Yeah, that's the only thing I can figure too. It would be interesting to know if churches ever use that song.
Delirious has some good ones, but on other songs, their lyrics can be nonsensical sometimes.
Probably hit the nail on the head. You may well find that there would be a youth band or similar who would cover it in a non worship situation for a youth event or something similar. If it is in CCLI then you will not require a separate PRS license to cover it.
Yeah, I agree that they aren't a strictly worship band, but CCLI is specifically for churches to use/project the lyrics in worship services. That's where I saw the song and chord chart, and got me wondering.
As far as you referring to God, the following lyrics don't fit:

"And never will I bow to you..."

"If I'm right then you are wrong..."
Very strange. I guess it's the awe-inspiring Chorus One that gets me...."Ha ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya". Wow. I like Delirious, they have some really good tunes out there, but this one.....I dont know what CCLI is thinking throwing that in.... not worship material. I would be curious to find out the story behind the song though....
I'm not one to judge but it would be one of the last songs I would select. even among hundreds of seculars just because you could, doesn't mean you should.
hahahahaha! wow!! love the lyrics on this!!

i agree with Mika.. the "you" is definitely interchangeable references.
for instance :
Rock and roll is ev'rything
Ev'rything to a lonely man
And never will I bow to you
"and" denotes what follows after is in conjunction and in reference to the words that precede it. i don't see any confusion there.. but then again, probably depends on the cultural and geographical use of the word "and" :-) hehehe

its probably not a congregational worship song though for the pure fact that if it caused confusion among a few of us worship leaders, the people we're leading don't have much hope...

but wow! the lyrics on this song are sooooo honest! and dare i say biblical as well :-)
It's confusing and I don't get the message of the song.
It's a pity so many worship songs today do not even address the One whom we are worshiping by name, if indeed that's what they are, and this isn't one. I like songs like "Jesus, Beautiful Savior", "How Great is Our God", "Worthy is the Lamb", etc. No confusion there with regards to who is being worshiped and who we are singing to. But that's another topic : )
Gosh do people always have to be so thick headed and "religious".
Don't you guys ever wonder if Jesus would be sickened by all of our religiousness.
Im not bashing the initial question being asked.
Its a valid question.
And yes everyone of you are intended to your own opinions.

I like the song personally. Could you use it in the most intimate moment of personal worship... I don't know - probably not in a congregational setting.. But could you use it as an intro / opener? Sure. And why not.

Sorry for venting - Im just frustrated with people that are Christians who constantly look for the reason a song is "most definately not" a worship song - instead of opening their eyes to what could really be said. I mean if you were to stop for a moment from the religious witch hunt of crucifying every song that is not easily understood - think just how much more free you would be to experience life in a new way.

For example - this line
"If I'm right - then you are wrong"
This is a poetic / alternative way of saying "If you're right then I'm wrong"
But it wouldn't fit the style of the song to say that.

Jesus said he who is not against us is for us. Mark9:40
Right?! - isnt that what we do?
Because we want to hear everything one way - our way - the way we are used to hearing it.

If you want to further dissect the song "Bliss" - this song is all about Bliss - "as in ignorance is bliss"
"Rock n Roll is Everything Everything to a lonely man and never will I bow to you"
This song is not about defiance of God but rather about the journey from ignorance to true bliss of life more abundantly in Christ.
As told in the last 2 lines "I won't change my mind on the choices I've made"
In which lies and ode to Tom Petty " won't back down "

Or if that is too confusing you could say its a song depicting the stupidity of our own selfish desires to ignore God. And in that case the song closes for you with the man remaining in ignorance. Thereby "It's the simple things that satisfy Keep my feet on the ground And my head in the sky" from those lines the man would actually be living with his head buried in the sand. Again - ode to Bliss / ignorance is bliss.

But the song does not end there - It ends with "I love you more than I can say And I won't change my mind on the choices I've made"

So the song is perfectly clear - if you're willing to accept this as modern Shakespearean prose.

Why is this song in CCLI - for the sole purpose that it was written by a Christian artist and someone may some day want to use it. I wouldnt have issue using it.
Further, CCLI generally works on a catalog basis...that is to say if the song is in XYZ publisher's catalog, and that publisher has a contract with CCLI, then the song is "in" at least on the copyright side...my suspicion is that the publishers send CCLI updates of "every new item in the catalog since the last update" and CCLI simply imports them into the system...(At least that's how this IT guy would handle it...)
There is no question in my mind that worship leaders need to question the use of each and every song they use. And as worship leaders it is indeed necessary to ensure the songs will reach the audience. God indeed is not the author of confusion.

My reaction is to the initial question simply asking - "is this a worship song". Yes I think it indeed can be. If the question were "During an intimate time of worship would it be okay to pull this one out?" The answer I would give - would agree with everyone here.

Sorry if I have overreacted. My apologies. Please understand where I am coming from - and that is I really think that a lot of Christians need to loosen up a bit. Im not talking at all about convictions you have. I'm simply referring to the mentality I've seen on some people around here that judge songs. Notice I did not say discern. "Discerning the spirits" is one thing we are called to do. However we are not called to be judges - there is indeed a difference. And thats all I was trying to open everyone's eyes to. Perhaps not entirely done in love and my apologies again for that.


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