Its 12:14AM Saturday Night/Sunday morning... Does anyone else hate powerpoint as much as me?

Seriously, does anyone else hate powerpoint as much as me? Does anyone else long for the days of overhead projectors?

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There are times, yes, like last Sunday where right before the service the front projection unit (20 feet up in the air) wouldn't power up...somebody unplugged a chord up in the attic (what's with that?).

But I prefer what we have now (EasyWorship) - am just thankful that this church has other people in the office who put it together as part of their job description. I do not miss the days of doing the powerpoint AND getting the music, band, practices, etc all happening week by week.

Biggest peeve with overheads was that the sheets always blew off or were crooked...:)
Nah, I like my projection system. Needs an upgrade though... And SongShow Plus is one of the best systems I have ever worked with, hands down.

Been talk of moving to a Mac recently though, so should be interesting to see what eventuates from this.

And OHP's are great for... um... I honestly cannot think of anything.

Except making shapes on the roof...
If you're moving to mac, there is a cross-platform worship projection software that we use here called LiveWorship. We love that program and would recommend it to anyone.
We've found (at our North Site and youth group nights) that Apple's Keynote works great for song lyric presentation. Song Show or whatever program we use at my site is terrible. It's barely compatible with any media formats and it freezes half the time. Ppt would work better. Not well, but better. I'm trying to get the church board to replace our aging sanctuary computer with a Mac. *sigh* Someday is going to be a great day!

I agree, Rick. Delegate the projection to someone else! Best decision our church ever made!
Our church is quite small, so we have no paid staff other than the pastor . . . So our worship team (5) takes turns each month putting together the powerpoints. Our volunteer techie converts that to Easy Worship for us and then runs the slides... This spreads out the job so it is not such a headache.
As much as I dislike PowerPoint, I can't imagine going back to overhead projectors. Thankfully, I've gotten to the point where it only takes like 5 minutes to do it on weeks that no new songs are introduced. We used to search for the last time we played a song in our old PowerPoint presentations. I moved each song into it's own file, so now it's easy to pull together a set. I've thought about using other software, but I overall I don't mind the presentations looking very simple and easy to read. I'm afraid of distracting from worship instead of enhancing if I have the technology to dazzle. Just my opinion.

have we forgotten what a fly looks like, magnified 20x over "Lord I Lift Your Name on High"?

In some dark green or neon orange scribble called 'hand writing'. There was a time when photo-copying or printing onto transparency wasn't really feasible. Many times I remember last minute trying to write down a song, making mistakes and licking my finger trying to wash it off. No spell check back then.

Someone once said, memories are just the good times. I still have fond memories of worship with overhead, some transparencies and markers. Also some dark sheets of paper to block out other words so the group would know what it's verse #2 and not #4.

Sadly, my mind plays tricks on me and lets me think those were times of more intimacy. Small retreats with fireplaces and circle of fellow Christians, singing over the hum of the bulb fan. Words projected on pretty many surface we could find. No laptops. No automated screens.
ah yes... the grass is always greener...
I'm not longing for overhead projectors but for hymnals. We have a flash new LCD projector but for the time it takes to recruit, train, schedule all the tech people, make the powerpoint presentations and deal with the faults in the system (which is quite often and usually right before services start), I'm ready to move on and devote my time to things like praying with people, discipling people etc. Any ideas? I'm at a campus church and take it as part of my role to teach people how to grow into a mature faith. Maybe students need a break from all the screens. i'm starting to think Powerpoint is a thing of the 90's and sensing people longing for something more human. thoughts?
We use Keynote since my church office is into Mac computers. They really like it. I personally eschew worship specific programs because they are just as much work and cost a lot of money in my experience.


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