As most of you know I have been facing a decision most are not lucky enough to face. I have a great no stress job, but was persued by a company offering me everything short of the world. I had never been "wined and dined" so to speak (minus the wine) much less sent on an all expence paid trip to alaska! So to say the least I was floored. I got there and they handed me money, and them proceeded to show me some great things, and filled my head with all kinds of dollar signs. It was very very appealing to say the least. After a week of being waited on hand and foot, I was in. I figured what the heck you only get this opertunity once and sometimes not even once. My wife was cool with it, and I was ready to sign. However, I began to really search my heart for a reason other than money why i was gonna take this job. I could find none. So to make a long story short after 3 days of praying day and night, I declined the position. I know it may not make sense to alot of people but when God gives you a peace about your decision making ability and you move forward in what you feel like God wants, he makes away. I went to my current boss and said I had passed on the other Job, and wanted to continue to work for him. However I was gonna need a raise and a chance to move up in the company. he agreed to both! I love to see God work. I am just super excited about how God has moved in an area of such small importance. Has anyone else had situations like this? Share a story of how God has blessed you in a deecision you made...if you ya want!


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Thats cool! Thanks for sharing. I'm glad your present job turned out even better than before!
I was in a horrible job. I had a love hate relationship with it (I loved the work, but management motivated with anger), so it was a horrible job working for horrible people who did horrible things. I wanted out. My wife told me to get out, my best friends told me to get out. God said "stay put". I know why he wanted me to stay put. I just didn't want to. At the same time, I was worried, poor economy + job loss = very hard times ahead. While the job was part time it represented a significant part of our income.

So I stayed obedient despite what everybody was telling me to do. God was stern with me. "Stay until they fire you".

Finally the day came, they fired me. Within hours, without many people even knowing, an offer was on the table to continue my job at another place. It was an extremely significant cut in pay, but that was fine. I was really looking forward to continuing the work. Even better, other job prospects opened up "out of the blue". As it turned out, I didn't even really need to part time job in the first place. So for God to replace that income that we didn't actually need to have, was an extra blessing.
Hi, Chad!

For me, I was offered a dream job. Everything I do for fun, they wanted to pay me for it. I know the people, especially the weaknesses, and I was cool with it. And yet when I went to the LORD in prayer, I felt I was to turn down the job offer and use the extra time to spend time with my sons.

Let me tell you, it was a really tough decision. I currently work freelance, and with the Christmas holidays coming up, I expect that the assignments would slow down and money was going to be a challenge. And yet the peace led me to turn down the job offer.

Now I see my elder son growing in the LORD before my eyes. We spend much more quality time than before, and we're both having fun. And to top it all off, God has been providing financially also, so I need not worry about it this season. I am grateful! :)


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