I am looking for songs about how "Jesus' life and actions show me what it means to be truly human."  Kinda the "good deeds" half of the belief + works equation.

I understand that some people here will consider that to be pretty close to a heretical question and I don't need a lot of responses about Jesus' divinity vs. humanity.  Just wondering if anybody can point me to some songs along those lines (even if they're the songs you rejected because they didn't emphasize the "belief" part).

Thanks for any ideas.

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It's a really good question....  Our songs, like our creeds, tend to jump from "born of the Virgin Mary" to "was crucified, died and was buried". It is as though we don't really know what to do with all the material in between.

Some possibles (but none are exactly right)

God of Justice - Tim Hughes

Oh Kneel me down again - Brenton Brown

Water you turned into wine (Matt Redman.... but now that one is stretching it)

I'm going to be facing a similar problem of lack of songs, as we work through Matthew with a theme of "Following Jesus" through lent...

Thanks!  actually, that "water into wine" song ("Our God") is something we used to sing that I had pulled out as our song during the offertory this week.  I'll look into those others and post back a list of anything else I find...

Oops, the song we're using is "This Is our God" by Tomlin/Reeves...


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