Anyone know the chord shapes for the intro part where Jeffrey Kunde does memory man swells on top of the pad.

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If it helps, The pad sounds like Octave C on the bottom with Octave C on the top

Octave C on the bottom drones on  and you move a pattern like this on top.

  e --c   /  d--c  /  and c - c octave on top you play

the 3rd (E) with the Root (C) on top

Then your 2nd (D) with (C) on top

Then your Octave C - C on top

And you move back to 2nd (D) with (C) on top right before the guitar plays.

That will get you close

After the guitar starts in chords for the pad or guitar

Standard chords from Tabs which appear close for Guitar

F   C  3x  

F C Am



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