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I would really appreciate your help! I desperately need to upgrade our keyboard. We've been playing with a Korg Tritan LE for the past 15 years, and although it gets the job done, at 15 years old, I'm getting nervous that it's going to crap out on us at any moment.

The issue is, neither I nor my two keyboardists are very tech savvy, so I really need some help in figuring out what will work best for us because I have no idea what to purchase. I know we need 76 keys because we already never use the low octave on the Korg we have. I know we need weighted or gravity hammer action keys. We're playing the "modern" worship music/style (Hillsong United, Phil Wickham, Elevation, Vertical Church Band, etc.), and most of the time we're using pianos, b3/organ and synths.

A wl friend recommended running mainstage with a Mac through midi, but again, this is beyond my tech knowledge right now. He also suggested the Nord Stage II but said it's limited in voices.

So, any help? I'm looking for simple, with a great sound, authentic key feel, 76 keys. We're more than willing to learn how to work with a laptop and software/midi if needed. Trying to keep the $ as minimal as possible, but that goes without saying, right?



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Hey! A few years back I moved to a Korg Kronos X. It has the best piano sounds that I've heard, in my opinion, and can do anything you'd need. It also maintains sound as you switch from one patch to another. That's important to me and most keyboards lack that feature. It is a beast of a machine though and could overwhelm some users.

The Nord keyboards have great sounds too, and I almost got one, but they do NOT maintain sound when switching patches and that was a deal-breaker for me.

If you want a simpler board, but with solid piano sounds, go with a Kurzweil PC2 or PC3. Still lots of power, but not as many annoying "features" in the way.

If you need to tighten down on the budget, you could always get a used Kurzweil PC88. They've been around forever. I used one for probably 15 years. Solid and always able to find them around used.

Thanks for the tips!

What do you mean by authentic key feel , so do you mean like a piano? Or do you mean like an organ?
Both are different and they are played differently.

Usually in a 76 key , keyboard you will get a "waterfall " style 'board, which is a SEMI weighted feel. In an 88 key version you will usually get a HAMMERED actioned or a similar style (depending on cost).

One thing you could try is a midi controller keyboard 61 or 76 or 88 in size and connect it via USB cable to a MAC and install Mainstage on it for $30 + and have thousands of top grade sounds to play with. You can download/ buy templates that are pre-setup for what you want to see and makes it easier to learn and play.


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