I lead worship at our church...and I play keyboard. This seems to be a double handicap for me...female keyboard player. I can't sing the songs recorded by male singers, because of the key. But, I get a lot of guff from the guitarists because they say they CAN'T play the songs in the keys they need to be in for me & the rest of the female portion of the world to sing them.

But...we had a funny at rehearsal. I handed out some new music. They took one look at it and flipped out. (My 18 yo son is one of the guitarists, so his "flipping out" is more loud than the rest of the group). He said it was "physically impossible" to play the song in that key. Too many sharps. Then the other guitarist and the bass player chimed in and agreed that it was totally un-playable. (and here I thought the guitar was a flexible instrument!)...But, I noticed my notes on the song didn't match the key.
I played the recording and discovered what was wrong with the sheet music:
It was in the original key!!
So, I asked them to listen to the recording while I went to print music in the "new and improved" key...but told them they shouldn't try to play along with the recording because it was physically impossible and I didn't want them to hurt themselves.
What keys are "physically impossible" for guitarists??

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This may be an old post, so forgive me if this is information you already know.

You can also use the cut capo with a full capo and get even more flexibility (you could put the full capo on the third fret and the cut one on the fifth).

Here are some chords for the capo cut like this 022200 which should be placed on the 2nd fret. Numbering is relative to the fretboard.


This is the key of E sans the flat seven, but just play the top of a C chord and let the bottom ring out. Watch out, cut capos can be addicting!
Try checking out the Kyser website. They have a good introduction to the cut capo.


That being said, experimentation in this area is your friend. You can come across many sounds that would not have been available to you otherwise using a cut or partial capo. Any tool is great as long as it is a useful tool and doesn't become a crutch. : )
Just curious, but WHY is this a "this VS. that" thread? Its kind of a dangerous mindset to get into. Every good worship team needs BOTH. They compliment each other...or should.

At first I thought people where attempting to determine which to use as a weapon, and I wholeheartedly would suggest the guitar because it is easier to swing. : ) I think you could do more damage with a solidbody electric, but the way an acoustic would splinter into a million pieces would look more impressive, so it really depends on the effect you're going for.

I think in reality this thread was more about whether the guitar had some sort of limitation that the keyboard does not (in terms of available notes) that is an issue beyond just the range of the guitar. The truth seems to point towards the experience and ability of who's hands it is in, not the physical limitations of either instrument.
I like the weapon analogy...might wake up the congregation!

You're right, of course...it's not the instrument, but how you use it. That being said, I'd make exceptions for bagpipes or accordians.
Oh yeah... bagpipes and accordians MIGHT be a little more difficult to use in worship... :)
Let me know when you're putting them on. I might have an emergency counselling meeting at a nearby Starbucks that day... :)
I understand the accordion was very popular with the early Pentecostals here in Britain. I have heard it used and err! Well! It’s not really me but it can work.

The bagpipes are another matter. They truly are more of a weapon of warfare that an instrument of worship. They were one of, if not the first terror weapon. In the First World War where the Scots Guards still went into battle wearing kilts and playing the things and the Germans called them the ladies from hell.
I think suspenders of some sort...
There is no such thing, tell them to try to tune in "drop D", this makes it a little easier. On the other hand, YOU are the leader, if it doesn't fit you, it doesn't work. So change to whatever key, tempo.....that fits you. I have led worship for about 11 years and the church I am at now (4 1/2 yrs) I have changed keys and whatever to fit me. Not because we are the superstars of the show, but it is hard to lead what you can't sing. By the way, I lead behind a KEYBOARD, we are not handicapped. Check out the Deluge worship team, you can find an Amazon link to them here: http://www.squidoo.com/Worship-1
God bless
The other solution would be to allow the opportunity for a guy singer to help cover some of those guy songs.


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