I have been away from the site because I became sickly from last year August and has been in and out of hospital. I was just visiting face book  once in a while if I had to use the Internet. recently I  tried a little fashion that got me kicked out of my ministry by my church elders and out under probation. I had dreadlocks. was that right?

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@ Whomever -The subject -

Culture is not the issue, either church or national. To say "you are definitely better off out of a religious, legalistic ministry" is a bit self-righteous and completly out of the relm of "biblical!

I am neither pro or con this situation.So with that in mind.

          What happened to faithfulness,  and submission?

What I want to know is who defines "controlling and legalistic".

I really don't care about peoples views on the return of Christ, (it is not germane to the conversation) but this I know.

 Jesus will not rule with a democratic process! He will be a King!

Do you expect to quit and leave?! Common People!!

What about communicating with each other.

@ the hair

I thought dreadlocks take a long time to make. It is not like you "style" your hair that way and change it.

Culture is not the issue.

It might be.  If dreads are somehow wrong in her culture, then she probably ought to avoid the style.

What happened to faithfulness,  and submission?

 If my church leaders told me to wear a swastika, I would not oblige them.  While there are positive meanings for the image, the image is still paired with the images and meaning of The Third Reich in my culture.


I think it is important to hold leaders (or anybody for that matter) accountable when they come up with silly rules.  As it turns out, the Church in Africa is full of them (for that matter, so is the Church in America) - to the point that they exclude people for simple wardrobe problems.  This is wrong.


Jesus will not rule with a democratic process! He will be a King!

We aren't talking about a democratic way of life here.  We are talking about somebody getting in trouble for something that isn't unjust in the first place.  Well, WE don't think it is wrong, which is why most are (correctly) inquiring about culture before they pass judgement.

Silliness is (I think) universal.  A friend of mine was not allowed, as a pastor, to wear brown suits (likely the Nazi thing), nor, as a child, to play basketball, nor wear a short-sleeved shirt (now there is a skin cancer issue there) nor indulge in "mixed bathing" (public swimming pool).  Right here in these U.S. States.
Oh my...
Yea, I think the brown suit thing would tip me over the edge, never been a fan of basket ball or short sleeved shirts...ha ha ha. And mixed bathing is so yesterday.

I actually got a reference call once from a church looking to hire a friend as their worship pastor.  At the time, he lived in Florida and attended a church that was quite laid back in its wardrobe.


The lady interviewing me asked if my friend ever wore sandals on stage.  I told her that I didn't know (at the time, I didn't) and asked her why that was so important.  She then equated sandals on stage as being unclean and unGodly thing.  Apparently proper Christians don't wear sandals. I asked the lady for Biblical backing, which of course she didn't have.  I asked her what would happen if somebody came into their church with sandals, she said they would be sent home.


I ended the interview, called my friend and told him to decline the job.  

In her mind, if that's wrong, SHE shouldn't do it. I love it how someone has to impose their own idea of what's right and wrong, no matter how biblically irrelevant it is. I guess Jesus must have worn oxfords.

Verah, would you be willing to post a similar discussion to this in the African Worship Leaders group? It would be interesting to see what is said over there.


If you don't think that's a good idea, then maybe you can explain why here. A lot of posters are wondering about the culture thing, and I think you could give us some insight here. Please comment.


I will be in Africa (Mozambique) in a couple of weeks. I'll ask people there what they think of things like dreds and the church.

Hi sister Verah,

How is your situation now?

I encourage you to press on no matter how people thinks of you after all God looks at heart than man who looks on the outward appearance.


2 Corinthians 4:8-9 "We are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed; perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not abandoned; struck down, but not destroyed."

 So be strong sister.

Verah, I know a woman who got out of fellowship with her church and never got back into fellowship.

She has difficulty relating to people, preferring to be with her dogs. When she was growing up, she was working from a young age and missed out on socialization, and seems not to realize that she does not understand the world around her the same way that others do.

Do you have someone you can talk to who can tell you about yourself, and about your elders? Is it just one man or woman you have a problem with, or is it a group? Perhaps your hairstyle and actions are getting you labeled wrongly, or perhaps your approach to people is messed up? You need a peacemaker!

Not in my mind. What did Christ do back in his day? He searched the Hearts already knowing their Hearts, not the physical appearance. Speak with them Biblically and kindly. Do not to get caught up in the politics, just take someone who is wise in Christ and objective. Listen to your Heart as well. He is speaking here. Then if the Lord moves you on, move on. He may be using you to search the Hearts of these individuals to bring peace in this Church and reveal their Heart's motives. You were placed here for a reason don't run or you may be found in a "great fishes belly". I will Pray for your strength. Below I am in the middle and that was where the Lord finally reached me. After my rededication to him and turned from my ways of the world, I was inducted on the Church Board and led Worship for several years. Had they judged me from this look, He could have never used my talents that He has entrusted me with. Hang in there, but do it peacefully and kindly in Love towards the unlovable. It will work -Steve

Are you in Kenya?


Does anyone fear, as I do, that Verah's internet has been cut off? It really sounds oppressive where she is.


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