Kingsway are releasing volume 5 of songs of fellowship.


I'm hoping to get hold of a copy, when Songs of Fellowship 4 came out it had the music for a lot of the songs we were already doing solely for chord sheets so it was quite useful.


Has anybody got one yet?


If so what do you think?

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I suspect it will be a while before my church invests in this. It was only fairly recently that we got the combined words edition that made it straightforward to start including songs from volumes 3 and 4. Longer term, I'd rather see us managing to get the hang of regular data projection for lyrics and that might make it worth considering although it would also make it more likely that we would consider locally compiled folders of music rather than sticking to SoF books.



Hi Wulf,

I thought virtually every church had moved to projecting the words for the congregation, if your stuck with song/hymn books that complicate matters.

I just find that most of the "music" our church hold for musicians is just chord sheets,which aren't that good when your not playing chords. SOF4 included a lot of stuff we were already using, so it provided me with sheet music.


Some people do expect everyone to play by ear but I have found although I can do it I get things wrong, basically I remember them wrong and the sheet music helps me a lot.

Well I've got it now!

I there doesn't seem to be much in the way of music for songs we already use. New ones and new tunes for old words yes, so it may be useful but not really for what I wanted it for.


Any body else got one yet?


David B. 

I'm afraid I gave up after SOF2 came out.  It seemed that so many songs were appearing so quickly the SOFs did not keep up, and why should I pay £30 (or whatever) for a song book when we would only choose perhaps 30 or 40 songs or so from it and have most them already.  And we have developed our own chord books anyway - and we do have copyright licence for this. 


We tend to get most of our songs from the internet or via specific selections (Soul Survivor) etc so to have a SOF would duplicate.  However, internet doesn't always give music, and I do like to have music to confirm 'that's how the tune goes'.


I guess a downside is that we don't pick up a song book like we may have done 20 years ago and just play from it to see if we like a song or not.  Now we tend to go to a conference or listen to a CD and then think 'that's a good one for us' and get the music/chords then.      

Hi Martyn,

Just in case someone else is thinking about buying SOF 5 the Vine Trust Christian Book Shop here in Andover is shipping them at £25 (£24.99  actually).

I think it's a bit much for the amount that I will use it but it is a source of music, which can be very difficult to get in a world run by and for guitarists.

We too have a CCL license to copy music and we have a library of loose sheets. Generally when I'm looking for music it's because I've been given a chord sheet. How do you play melody from a chord sheet?

David B. 

By ear.... but if it has been a few months since you learned it, having some hint of the melody is invaluable, to jog the memory, let alone if you are in the situation where the song is new to you. From my point of view, lyrics, chords and melody (eg. what is, in jazz parlance, called a "lead sheet") would be perfectly adequate and would make SoF much thinner and avoid some of those awkward page turns.


Hi Wulf,

I used to think learning by ear was best and that I was good at it but I'm not I leave bits out. In fact I'm such an awful musician I need to hear things and have the written music to get them right.

David B.   

I was given "Songs of Fellowship Christmas" for Christmas which is just a little bit late for this year. I probably won't give is a really good going through until we are preparing for next Christmas but has anybody else got a copy?


If so haw have you found it?


David B. 

hi there,


yeh ive got it, its useful esp as it has a cd at the back for the words for songpro, although im told its not in a useable format for songpro?

there are about 10 songs from my mates at in there which is great.


the main thing that annoys me is how songs end up on 3/4 pages that really dont need to be. some songs end up on 3 pages with only 4 bars of music on one whole page. plus the pages with one line of scripture in them taking up the whole page just seem to get in the way for me. i did send a letter to ccli a while ago asking them to avoid going over so many pages but no luck.


in reality we'll probably use about 10 or so songs from it over the next 4 yrs till songs of 6, so its hard to narrow down which songs to use as i know far more than the congregation. probably more my train spotter personality tho :o)


the other thing that makes me laugh is how so many songs get copied, ie tim hughes wrote be my everything a few yrs back, and now 3 songs in sof 5 have virtually identical words. i know he took them from an old prayer but surely we can be more original?


God bless,


I really like Resound Worship, the whole attitude of the site seems so much more like the Kingdom of God than any other music supplier I know of.

They make the music available and leave good conscience and license returns to get them all of their financial  returns.

For those of you who haven't looked at the site you can down load MP3s, lyric sheets chord sheets and sheet music for all of their songs free. On top of that two or three of them have orchestral scores as well.


David B. 

totally agree david!


all the best,


I don't think SoF 5 has got my favourite Resound song in, though..... 


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