This is a new one of mine we've been trying at our celebration service, it seems to be going quite's kind of the finished article in that it has now been played a couple of times, but any thoughts you have on it would be great... sorry about video/audio quality! cheers, Joe

Many kings have come and gone
Since You walked the earth among Your people
Ascended and enthroned on high
You sent Your Spirit as our guide
Your kingdom, it is coming

Everyday nearer Your return the claim the throne
Your church needs You closer more than ever before

Build up Your people, Let Your Spirit breakout
Build up Your church to be known for Your presence
Bring us together, Let revival breakout
Build up Your church to be known for Your presence

So let faith arise
In the church of Christ
As the sons and daughters
Open up their eyes
And if God is for us
Who can stand against
All the sons and daughters
Coming home again

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Hey Joe! Man I really like this and think it's very well written! It'd be easy for others to pick up and incorporate as well. Thanks for sharing!

Here's the chord sheet in Bb...
Going to be using this one again tonight...

Hi all, Finally managed to turn this one into something!! It's going to be one of the tracks on my latest EP out soon... Huge thanks to Matt at for bringing this into reality...hope you like the outcome...


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