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We are down to buying either a used Korg PA1X or Tyros 2 for our church where we play contemporary Christian music. We also need at least 61 weighted keys. We have a $2000 budget and we we're wondering which keyboard you would recommend that would give us the best piano sound and would be more user friendly.

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In general, Korg is known to be more user-friendly. I've played the Pa1x/2x and it seems fairly simple to navigate. Yamahas are excellent keyboards with the better acoustic sounds, including pianos, but the learning curve is steeper. If you have multiple players I think I would lean towards the Korg. I've been a keyboardist since the mid 80's and have played many, many keyboards.....I own both the Korg Triton Extreme and the Yamaha Motif XS....both excellent instuments....but the Korg is much easier and faster to navigate.
If you can swing it, you might want to go with at least 76 keys...if you have people that are used to playing piano, the 61 note boards can be somewhat confining. Most 61-note boards sold these days are synth-action only...you will need to jump up to get weighted action. (The old-school boards used to have both options available, but they basically dont make them that way anymore...at least not the "big three" brands...Yamaha, Roland, and Korg). Just something to consider.
Hope this helps.....good luck!


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