My team have recently made it clear to me that they would prefer to learn songs by getting a CD to listen to of the tracks we are trying to practice.

However, also as obviously, I need to bear in mind copyrights.

My thoughts were to produce single track non-rewritable CDs and to request that (for copyright reasons) not to rip this onto their computer and to use them for personal use only.

Would that cover me personally?  If we ended up practicing 2 or 3 tracks from the same CD (and therefore ending up with 3 single track CDs) it would then be up to us as individuals if we wanted to purchase the full CD legally.

Would this be acceptable?  I have no idea really, but I do want to be legal.

Just as a matter of interest, our fellowship does have CCLI licence (don't know if this is relevant in this case).

Suz x

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Hi Suz. I just took part in an owners meeting for CCLI last week, and one of their announcements was that they are releasing a new license for this very thing in January of 2011. Basically, the new license will be called a "Rehearsal license – (to) provide churches with a license to make audio reference copies of song recordings for rehearsal purposes" (The quote in bold is from the powerpoint slide they used in their presentation to copyright owners).

As I understand it, this new license will cover the making of practice CDs, as well as sending mp3 files to your band members, or putting them up on a password-protected website for them to listen to. I asked specific questions in this regard during the meeting and these were the answers I received.

CCLI has been working on this for over a year, as they have realized the need for practice material for worship teams. Hopefully this helps!


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